Covid Coping - Palm Beach Moms

Well Mommas, summer is coming to a close and back to school is looking. little different this year.

Here are some tips and resources for finding your post covid groove.

Air quality

The Airfree T800 portable air filter has been going everywhere with us.  Home, RV, we took it when we visited The Seagate Hotel and Spa, and we have them for if/when the kids return to their classrooms.  Airfree offers a natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies, and mold. When used, it eliminates dust mites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, allergens to domestic animals, and other microorganisms from the air. Airfree T 800 draws in microbiological antigens and destroys them through high heat. Airfree sterilizes the air without using a filter and allows air to flow in and out while killing airborne allergens and odors. Airfree is highly effective and has won many awards for its efficiency. It’s patented technology requires NO maintenance and is COMPLETELY silent. Gives me peace of mind.


So there are two things to test for, the active virus and antibodies.  There is a ton of controversy in this department, so go your own way.  But, if you would like to be tested for the active virus we found a service that comes to you and provides next day results.  Up the nose it goes!  Call Rob 561-262-6184 or email [email protected].  Many urgent cares are offering testing as well.  This is the Palm Beach government site with updated testing information.


No matter what side of the mask fence you are camped on, many places require them so finding a comfy one is key to making the most of it.

I found these from SilkenPure after a long search for a reallllllly picky child.  Now the whole family loves them.  They are silk, easy to breathe, have the nose shaper and a pocket for an additional filter.  They are also great for your skin – I am a fan of their pillowcases too.

For everyday kids wear – these two brands stay on without complaint all day at school:

SwaddleDesigns makes the softest swaddles (designed my a mom and a nurse) so she is making masks now and they get two thumbs up!  Two layer fabric, pocket for filter, chin gusset, fitted nose dart.  Made and tested in the USA.  Check them out here.

Funkins – makers of our favorite lunchboxes – has shifted and is making great fitting masks.  They have 3 sizes and each size has adjustable ear loops.  They wash GREAT, getting softer each time.  This is a photo of the three sizes to give you a better idea.  My 4 and 6 year old can wear the two smaller, 9 year old the middle or big but prefers middle, and mom the big one.  Plus they are reversible… and have matching mom/dad and me masks.  I cannot help myself…..



In my house we talk about keeping your force field STRONG!  For us that means good rest, good foods, moving our bodies, getting outside, and vitamin C.  We are all (mom and dad too) totally digging this yummy powder that originally I got from my doctor.

For the kids we always talk about keeping up their “force field” and JoySpring is a great option

If you haven’t already heard about glutathione – now is the time friends.  According to piles of studies it can make a world of difference.  This is our favorite brand, being absorbed on the skin means giving it to my kids is as easy as a shoulder rub.


Getting tested

Here is the latest on where you can get tested.

What the CDC has to say about timeframes for testing and quarantine:

All the details here.

Staying home

If you prefer to stay put here is a list of fun at home resources.


Do you have any tips, we would love to hear them!

Hope you and yours stay healthy and happy!