ReNew You January - Palm Beach Moms

Happy New Year friends!  2020, wow.


Are you the resolution type?  These aren’t resolutions but they are the things we are focusing on in 2020 to be more peaceful, purposeful and present.  As moms you are 1000 things to so many people sometimes you get a little lost in it all or end up feeling like the giving tree with only a stump to offer.  You deserve to be a full thriving human so let’s get started.


MOVE. For us, Thrive Power Yoga provides the sharing of energy, the infrared heat, the amazing teachers…  it is a mental shower.  Moving your body and being unable to attend to the flittering thoughts in your head is such freedom, and your body ends up feeling amazing too!  They are located in Palm Beach Gardens and have a great special for your first month.  If they are not close to you find an exercise outlet near you, libraries often have free classes, I know the WPB one does, and go move your amazing body.

NOURISH.  Are you being mindful of what fuels your only body each day?  We love our local produce delivery from Swank Farms.  Revive smoothies.  And the occasional treat of Koki cooking organic meals for us at home (use code PBMOMS for a nice discount)

LEARN.  All year long Mind Body Social is offering free classes at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens.  From family vision boards to cooking, meditation to prenatal yoga they have something for everyone.  FREE so no excuses!

PRACTICE SELF CARE.  If you want a great facial that is relaxing and leaves you with fresh glowing skin check out Noveau Health and Wellness.  They also have a doctor on board who tests and helps balance hormone levels, a master injector for botox and fillers, IV infusions, laser for all the things, and so much more.  Plus the owners are a delight and it is on Clematis Street in West Palm so park once and sit and enjoy lunch too!

CREATE.  Are you an entrepreneur?  Call in the team when you call Katrina Aronson to get you on track to meet your goals.  She only works with female entrepreneurs to help them grown and realize their full potential with actionable attainable steps then supports them through the process.  As a local mom she understands the juggle.

HEAL.  Are there parts of you inside or out that need a little healing?  Do the work to find the professionals that can help you.  We relied (and still do) on MyoMedic to come to us (YESSS house calls!  or Friday she has office hours in Jupiter) for physical therapy to help get us feeling back to ourselves post pregnancy.  She really understands women bodies and how pregnancy shifts them.  She is a pro on pelvic floor health.
If you are experiencing what we like to call the mommy meltdown – read this.

SLEEP.  We started taking this at night thanks to another mom and it really seems to help.  Without quality sleep the world just isn’t right so put this one at the top.  Experts suggest making a regular bedtime and sticking to it, leaving phone and other electronic devises out of the bedroom, and getting your 8 hours.

CONNECT.  Call a friend to check in.  Go for a walk together and chat.  Hug one other.  Write a hand written note.

ASK.  Let people know what you need.  Be upfront and honest.

GIVE.  Giving is the surest way too fill your cup.  Here are some of our favorite ways to give back to the community from our holiday guide to giving your time and more who can appreciate love year round.

SAY NO.  Or say yes.  But if you cannot do it with joy do not do it.  A wise friend reminded me recently that when you say NO to one thing you are saying YES to something else.  It might just mean getting more sleep, or snuggles, or Netflix- but the choice is yours.

UNDERSTAND.  You are an incredible priceless work of art in progress my friend.  You are doing a great job.