My private ORGANIC chef (yes I am serious and no it's not crazy $!) - Palm Beach Moms

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I know what you are thinking.  A private chef?  That will cost a fortune.  Well, Koki is changing that!

I found Koki after ordering GreenChef and while I loved that they are organic I had trouble finding the time to cook after picking up the kids and taking them to after school activities.  By the time we get home- its homework, dinner, bedtime routine….  No time to chop those carrots.

Today we had Chef Nicki with Koki come to our home with 4 bags full of Whole Foods ORGANIC groceries.  All we had to provide was a clean kitchen.  Chef included my very curious kiddos in her preparations.  She prepared a delightful hot fresh dinner for five and three additional meals to serve five people each – packed neatly ready to reheat in our fridge.  Then left us with an immaculate kitchen.  Twas paradise.

I liked the fact that we would be enjoying four organic healthy and delish dinners as a family.  I liked not having to grocery shop.  But most of all I LOVE NOT COOKING.  NOT COOKING IS MY FAVORITE.  Not having to do dishes is my second favorite.

The meals we enjoyed were recipes that I would pin on Pinterest, but never actually make.   Even better was that every family member enjoyed and just about finished every meal.

We are looking forward to welcoming Koki back.  We are going to do it about once a month in our house.  Super easy, just schedule online.  Perfect for the weeks when I know things are going to be a little hectic and could end up at Chic-Fil-A or throwing a pizza in the oven.  Knowing I fed my family a healthy dinner eases some mom guilt.  Win-win.