Quality Family Medical Care - on your schedule - Palm Beach Moms

Where do you go when you need a Doctor right now … or after business hours?

It takes two weeks to schedule with your primary doctor.  You don’t want to sit in a waiting room.  What do you do?

There is a new concierge healthcare platform in Palm Beach County called UPLIN Doctor House Calls.

Here is how it works:

You go on-line to UPLIN.com or download the App on the App Store. Register in a few minutes with your name, address, symptoms or concerns, etc.  And order a local, highly experienced Doctor to come to you—your home, office, hotel, soccer field, dugout, …

—on your schedule.

There is a NOW button if you want the Doctor to come within 60 minutes or so.

And there is a LATER button where you can schedule the Doctor to come on the day/time frame you want.  Seriously, the Doctor comes to you on your schedule!

Who are the Doctors?

All hand-picked, highly experienced Doctors with 15+ years of experience caring for parents and patients like you (and your family).

What happens when the Doctor arrives?

The Doctor will introduce herself or himself (wearing PPE); listen to you explain your medical history, concerns, etc.; conduct a physical exam (vitals: blood pressure, temp, pulse ox, listen to your heart and lungs, etc.); run tests (e.g., strep, flu, etc.), if necessary; and diagnose, explain, and treat like an experienced Doctor should.

What do the Doctors treat?

The Doctors treat everything you would address with your pediatrician, urgent care, or adult primary care provider (PCP): sore throats, fevers, rashes, earaches, sinus infections, etc. UPLIN will then notify your pediatrician or PCP and let her know what happened (e.g., new condition or prescription) so your medical care continues seamlessly.

What about COVID?

Considering the pressures to test for COVID at school, work, or for travel, the Doctors can also perform Rapid COVID Tests with results in 15 Minutes!  If there is a positive test result, the Doctor is right there to prepare a treatment plan.

The Doctors can also perform RT-PCR Tests with next day results!  This is perfect for global travelers.

Having a Doctor come to you is a healthy choice, for sure.  Having a Doctor come to you on your schedule is just amazing.  Love, love, love that you don’t have to pack up the car; settle everyone down; don the masks; and sit in a waiting room (and say: “Don’t touch that!” a thousand times) before you see someone.  The fact that the Doctor comes to you makes UPLIN extraordinary.

UPLIN takes credit cards and HSA/FSA, but not insurance (although they will send you an insurance coded receipt to submit to your insurer for reimbursement as out-of-network benefits).

Check out UPLIN Doctor House Calls. Go to UPLIN.com or call them at (844) MY-UPLIN (844-698-7546). UPLIN is bringing healthcare home in Palm Beach and Southern Martin Counties: 24/7/365/NOW!