StreetStrider review - Palm Beach Moms

I was a gym rat – looking forward to my 1 hour with a trainer or on my own in the gym for years.  Covid arrived in 2020 and I, like many people, moved exercise to my garage and bicycle.

I had my eyes on the StreetStrider before covid, but once my garage became a home gym – I really loved that it could be used stationary on a stand or outside to explore.

They were having a sale where the stand was included – so I set my sights on the 7i.

I checked shipping updates every day until she arrived!  Talk about white glove service – it came assembled to my height, all I did was unbox and snap open.

Just so you are prepared, there is a learning curve.  Unless you are way more coordinated than me (very likely) you are going to run off into the grass a few times while you figure it out.

BUT – when you do!  Goodness is it fun!  And what a great workout!  I am totally hooked.  I do use it inside with the stand occasionally when its raining or the kids don’t want to ride bikes along side.  The real fun is on the street though.  Turning is just so much fun my face actually hurts from smiling when im done.  I’m soaked in sweat and my whole body had a great workout.  A few new muscles/sore spots have popped up – it really uses every part of your body.

Here is a VIDEO of the experience, when you see me riding that’s day 2 to give you an idea.

These are the questions I have received so I will address here:

Is there a kids one?  Not yet (Hint hint StreetStrider)

How is the kids seat?  I haven’t tried it, but is on my Mother’s Day “wish list”.

Do you wear a helmet?  Yes I should and you should too, same as a bike.

Which model do you have?  I have the 7i.  I am actually thinking about upgrading to the 8s since it is lighter and I can easily load it on the back of our RV (Yes, I am a totally yuppie on the post covid RV mission)

How much are they?  As of today starting at 1,299 and they offer financing.  Cheaper than joining a gym!

Can you just use just upper body or just lower body?  Only by your muscle recruitment, the Street Strider is designed to move your whole amazing body!

Would you recommend it?  Yes yes!

Can you use this when you are pregnant?  I would, but please consult your doctor before making any decisions.