Meet the Mom - Ilona Fotek DMD, MS - Palm Beach Moms

Ilona Fotek DMD, MS

Where did you grow up:
I was born and grew up in Poland. It is a relatively small but beautiful country, full of history and

Town, you live in now:
Singer Island, Florida

Why you love living there:
Living in Palm Beach is like a paradise.  Beautiful flora, warm climate and wonderful community with
great opportunities for all generations.

Tell me about your kids:
We have 2 children, Julia (15) and Alexander (11). They both are totally different in appearance and
personalities.  Julia is very outgoing, inquisitive and at the same time always there to land a helping
hand. She loves nature, exploring in water and animals.  Her interest is to expand the knowledge in
science and become a physician.  Alexander on the other hand is quite shy and sensitive in nature
with a fantastic sense of humor and business like mindset.  He likes playing soccer, attending Tae
Kwon Do and aquatics.  Both of my kids love skiing, playing piano and visiting different countries.

Favorite things to do with the kids locally:
Living so close to the beach, we love taking walks and enjoying the ocean breeze. We also enjoy
biking in local parks as well as boating.

What's your 'day job'?  How did you get started with it?
My days are always busy and my personality never allows me to rest.  I completed dental school when
I was 23 years old and always had passion to learn more and be better.  Even after 20 years of
dentistry, I am always learning and growing.  Having my dental practice fulfills me as a professional as
I can help my patients the way I feel is best for them.  Although every day might seem the same, yet
they are all different and it is never boring. I am always excited to be able to help patients get them
healthier and provide gorgeous smiles by removing toxic materials from their teeth, restoring teeth
and gums back to health.  I also own a BioHealth Spa where we provide aesthetic facial treatments
which we moms all need or want. Both specialties are intertwined and provide satisfaction from
health as well as self-confidence aspects of patients’ perspective.

What is your best parenting advice.  Lay it on us.
Parenting is a challenging but rewarding skill that as a mom we all learn and improve every single
day. Our parents showed us things that perhaps we should or should not do. Our own experience and
children teach us how we should lead our children and give them all we can so that they can share
that with next generation. The key is to draw the right path and watch them grow on their own, so
they can be responsible for their actions. Good parenting is not depending on just giving, but also on
receiving and respecting others. The beauty of homeschooling that we have provided to our children
is that we can teach children life the way we know the best and not necessarily the way the others
want them to know. Discussions, debates and redirections are a part of the parenting path that might
seem repetitive but the child that grows into the adult with the integrity, values, respect to others is
the blossom and reward of that hardship.

What do you do for self care?
Getting a massage, reading and walking.   I love sorting through design architectural magazines and
getting ideas for different projects in my house or dental office.

Karaoke – what are you singing?
Tina Turner- “Tonight”

Anything else you want to share?
I would encourage to visit my office and experience holistic dentistry where we care about the whole
body and provide aesthetic and minimally invasive dental treatments. I also highly recommend
checking my other passion which is BioHealth Spa where we provide the cosmetic facial treatments.