Love your feet - you are stuck with them (if you're lucky) - Palm Beach Moms

While pregnancy is a miraculous wonderful time it does come with some aches and pains.  Luckily – most of those vanish when the baby arrives.

However- foot issues- are sometimes here to stay.  You can thank the hormone relaxin – which helps your hips increase mobility to prepare for labor – but other joints and ligaments are affected as well.  That whole barefoot and pregnant thing can be dangerous.  Ha!

Did you know a weak pelvic floor can also contribute to your foot arch “falling” after the effects of relaxin and thus leading to a host of foot ailments?
To get a feel for this- stand relaxed and barefoot on plush carpet or a folded up towel.  Inhaale and exhale.  Feel where your arches are.  Take a photo looking down at your feet.
Then tuck your behind under you, stand up tall with shoulders down and back as though you are being lifted by an invisible crown, pull your front ribs down by contracting your abs and exhale all the way empty by using your pelvic floor to get the last bit of air out. Feel for your arches.  Are they in the same place?

For most of us the answer is no.  And if you go round walking wonky on those precious post prego feet of yours it is bound to be a bummer at some point.  Especially if you’re strutting in fabulous heels and chasing wee ones.

Well friends- it might be time for some practical shoe choices.  (After 8 procedures and 2 surgeries) I have scoured the market for nice looking shoes that care for my feet- and I found them- Vionic!  I literally could not walk without searing pain and now as long as I stay in my  lane with regards to shoe choices I can run, walk, be on my feet all day.  (except if my kids want to go to the fair when its 90 degrees out then Mommy’s feet will hurt and we can only stay a short time, lol)

Bear in mind they make shoes for all ages of men and women so you will need to sort to find your style.  I really like having a ballet flat for travel, day sandals, a white sneaker and wedges for everyday, and booties for cooler weather.  If you have those in your closet and are slipping them on most of the time your tootsies will thank you.

See, they’re cute right?  Surprised?  Plenty of options on their site and they are always coming out with new styles so keep checking back.  We have a no shoes home so Vionic slippers await me at the door – I may or may not do a happy dance when I slip them on.

Keeping up with the kiddos without thinking about my feet makes me happy.  And them.  Win win.