ER at St. Mary's in the time of Covid19 - Palm Beach Moms

Since being quarantined, we have kept things exciting with not one but two trips to the ER.  Nothing Covid related – a broken arm and a few staples in the head.  How else would we wan to spend a Saturday?

Sharing what we have learned as seasoned veterans now.

  1.  Call ahead or ask your pediatrician to do so.  We had a solid 20 min drive so by the time we arrived they knew what they were working with.
  2. Send just one parent.
  3. The only entrance at this time is the main ER entrance, follow the signs to that (ignore the Childrens ER) and parking is right out front.
  4. Have your ID ready and be prepared to have your temperature taken at the entrance.
  5. Head left as they direct you to the Childrens only waiting area.

On our most recent visit (and hopefully our last for a while) we were in and out in less than 30 minutes with staples in and orders for no more monkeys jumping on the bed.  We didn’t wait at check in, were the only people in the kids waiting room, and every person we encountered was a delight and went above and beyond to make my 4 year old smile.  There were people cleaning EVERYTHING everywhere.


I hope you don’t need this info, but if you do you will know right where to go.  Be well friends!