Child Life Team - making the difference in pediatric care - Palm Beach Moms

Did you know there is a whole team dedicated to lessening the stress caused by hospitalization and treatment in children and teens at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital?  I have had the pleasure of seeing them in action and quite frankly, it is incredible, and so important.

This is just some of what they do:

-explaining hospital procedures (preparing them psychologically for what they will feel/experience during an IV start for example)

-distract during procedures (using iPad games, books, toys, etc.)

-educating about new diagnoses (diabetes, cancer, asthma, Chrons, etc.)

-providing normalization (play so kids get to still be kids while they are in the hospital)

-providing emotional support and coping techniques (stress balls, aromatherapy, deep breathing, etc.)

-teaching non-pharmacological pain management techniques

-manage negative behaviors (create sticker charts to reward for good behaviors like taking medicine and using words)

-educating about hospital equipment (medical play where the child gets to be the doctor)

-celebrate important milestones that happen while hospitalized (birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc.)

-bereavement support

-family-centered care

-sibling support

-parent support

How wonderful is that?  What a difference in a difficult time this can make for the entire family, and potential for the rest of their life.  Palm Beach Childrens Hospital is always working to provide the very best care to every patient.