CBD for this season of change and for travel - Palm Beach Moms

We have been using this CBD product for travel and now, in these times where there is no travel but lots of change we found ourselves reaching for it again.

Seasoned travelers all know the pain of trying to transfer our favorite products into TSA-approved containers without spilling everywhere, or worse, being unable to due to the format of the product and having to leave it behind. For the millions of people who rely on CBD to manage their pain, anxiety or other chronic conditions(like my foot with a severed nerve), this minor annoyance can translate into actual physical pain – the last thing you want to get in the way of exploring the world.

The solution? The new CBD Living Travel line.

This travel-sized collection (3oz or less) is TSA-friendly and includes some of CBD Living’s most popular products:

You can bet I’ve got it packed for our family RV Trip!  I hear it may be necessary for the driving and parking part too!

Do you use CBD for your family?