Wellness We Love for 2022 - Palm Beach Moms
It all starts with your feet.  And we think Comfort One Shoes is the best in the biz.  They have all of our favorite brands under one roof – HOKA, Vionic, On Running, Birkenstock and so many more.

Comfort One Shoes is a real in person shoe store that we can shop online from sunny South Florida. They’re committed to bringing you the highest quality, most comfortable and best looking shoes available anywhere in the world.

Comfort One Shoes is also committed to service. All sales associates are the most highly trained in our industry. Every sales associate attends Comfort One University and has a mentor before they are entrusted with your precious feet.

Comfort One Shoes is committed to making their communities a better place to live. This commitment means they take part in a multitude of philanthropic events every year. These activities range from planting over 10,000 trees to collecting 25,000 pairs of footwear for those in need. They encourage employees to give as well, by offering them 50% pay and time off for volunteering in our community.

For school lunches, in the car, at the park, on an airplane, while backpacking, before post-workout errand running…it’s so often you need a quick way to clean up when a sink isn’t handy. Handzies is on a mission to get you soap and water clean, anytime, anywhere.  We love their commitments to sustainability too!

When you think of therapy, what comes to mind?

What if you could change that view and take your therapy outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, see a blue sky, and move your body?

Tracy Teicher Nathanson, LCSW walks alongside you, LITERALLY, on the path to wellness.

In addition to in office and virtual opperings, Tracy has found a magic in walking (or running!) while talking.

Offered in 1-1 or small group sessions you can expect walking and talking about concerns and problem-solving. Together you will choose a suitable outdoor location and walk together at a pace that allows for ease of conversation. You will find inspiration in the beautiful surroundings, comfort in having an ally and partner to discuss your challenges, and benefit from the mood-improving endorphins released during even light physical activity.

If you haven’t already heard about glutathione – now is the time friends.  According to piles of studies(here is one) it can make a world of difference to keep your levels up.  This is our favorite brand, being absorbed on the skin means giving it to my kids is as easy as a shoulder rub.

💦When focusing on health it is hard to think of anything more important than the water in our homes.

Pure Source Water provides premium, high flow whole house water systems with 5 levels of filtration.
All water entering your home goes through this central system before your use.
⭐Cleaner, safer water to drink and cook with.
⭐Improved skin and hair by removing municipal disinfectants that cause dryness.
⭐Longer life expectancy for your appliances.
⭐Filter chemicals & contaminants such as: chlorine, chloramines, PFA’s/PFO’s, heavy metals, pesticides, VOC’s, industrial solvents and sediment.

💵Special discount of $200 off any whole house system when you mention Palm Beach Moms.
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