Meet the Mom - Virginia Sinicki - Palm Beach Moms

Virginia Sinicki

Where did you grow up:
New Orleans

Town you live in now:

Why you love living there:
Safe, peaceful community

Tell me about your kids:
Magnolia, age 16 Straight A student who is a sweetheart
Rocco, Age 6 Adorable & feisty old soul, type A personality that thinks we work for him

Favorite things to do with the kids locally:
Family dinners

What’s your ‘day job’? How did you get started with it?
Radio Morning Show. I’ve Been doing Radio since the mid 90s. Started out trying to be an intern and was hired for a sales position.

What is your best parenting advice. Lay it on us.
Im not my kids friend, I stay very very involved, but if they are mad at me once in awhile I don’t sweat it. If you’re doing it right, I think they’re going to be mad at you sometimes.

What do you do for self care? All the things!!! Hair, nails, botox, fillers, lasers, IV vitamin hydration, boobs lifted, peptides, staycations, girls night out.

Karaoke – what are you singing? Whatta man- salt and peppa