Sustainable Salon in North Palm Beach - Palm Beach Moms

Have you ever considered how much waste your hair salon creates?  Shame on us but until meeting local mom Beth of The Collective Hair Studio we had not either.  They are members of the Green Circle Salons.  This means that 95% of salon waste is recovered and repurposed, keeping it out of landfills and waterways.


In January 2020 after a successful run with Edmond James Salon, she opened her own salon with sustainability at the heart of it.  Recruiting the best in the business they deliver great results with eco friendly products and pay to have all of their products – even leftover hair dye – recycled.  At other salons the leftover dye goes down the sink and into our waterways.  Yikes.


The leftover hair dye is shipped to Illinois where the water is extracted from the dye, then it is covered into clean energy.  Cool right?  Even the hair is repurposed as an absorbent product for oil and chemical spills.  Your hair could be cleaning up an oil spill – how cool is that?

Together we can make beauty beautiful for all.  Contact Beth at The Collective to make your appointment today.  561-318-7874.  The Collective is located at 1201 US Highway One Suite 7 in Crystal Cove Plaza in North Palm Beach FL.  (between wellness Jar and the Ice Cream Club)