Sourdough - Palm Beach Moms

Sourdough is so versatile and great fun with the kiddos.

If you bought the starter from us it has been going for over 80 years!

We either keep ours in the fridge and feed it once a week just to keep it alive OR keep it on the counter and feed it twice a day to get it active and ready to bake.

A feeding is giving it equal amounts of flour and warm water (equals to the amount of starter).

If our house is chilly we pop it in a warm (but not direct sun) spot outside or keep it next to the oven or stove to take advantage of that heat so it can ferment.

We keep ours in a wide mouth jar with this top – don’t tighten down the lid if you use a ball jar or the gasses from fermentation can break the glass!

Below are a few of our favorite recipes.  We would love to hear yours too!




Cinnamon Rolls

Sandwich bread

Classic sourdough round loaf