Solar Energy Learning fun - Palm Beach Moms

Before your children go back to school, give them some “info-tainment” with educational and fun things to do close to home, by taking them to see solar energy up close and making a solar oven (its easy and if you have pizza this week I bet you have all the materials on hand).  To see solar energy happening – train your eye and you can spy these hard working solar panels furnished by FPL at popular destinations.

Florida leads the country in new solar jobs – which means the children of today who go see these solar trees and canopies, could one day be working in the industry themselves.  How cool is that?

Solar trees are aesthetic structures that look like actual trees, that feed clean energy to the community. Some of them can even charge your cell phone or laptop. Solar canopies provide shaded spaces which is welcome in our warm climate.

Here are locations where you can find solar trees and canopies in Palm Beach County:

If you want to explore solar power with a hands on activity –  we just did this Solar Oven to make s’mores – such a fun learning touch point.  Might as well make all this sunshine work for us too!

We printed this page to color and talk about on the Brightline.  Why not sneak in a little learning when you can.

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