So much kids art - Palm Beach Moms

So much art comes home from preschool and elementary school.  SO much.  Then there are the masterpieces made at home.

How do you honor these treasures without turning your home into a pile filled gallery?

Step 1.  Keep or toss.  Only keep the favorites and what they are most proud of. In general coloring pages are not art – they are busy work.  You can toss them GUILT FREE.  Here is a link to info on how/if to recycle art works.

Step 2.  Display.  I have a frame like this for each kid.  They can choose what to display.

Step 2.  Organization tool.  We like a box or a portfolio bag.  If you don’t want to keep the items, you can snap a photo and save to a file in your photo or to an app like Keepy.

Step 3.  Preservation.  We love having a book made from the art work.  Our system was to collect until 2nd grade.  Then Plum Print sent us a box to fill, and we could direct if we wanted the art sent back or not, what to put on the cover, any notes etc.