Playroom Organization Project - Palm Beach Moms

Sometimes things get away from you.  In the midst of a pandemic with so many things out of control, I really really wanted my home under control.  Thats where Jessica with The Pop Home came in like my fairy godmother to save the day.

Jessica made the whole process really easy.  We chatted about the space and she asked to send her photos.  Wait, what?  So obviously I panic-cleaned and then sent the photos.

The before:

On the set date she came over – with her Lego expert (yes really) and a car full of magical items from The Container Store, Target and Amazon.  She gave warning that it was going to look like a bomb went off before it all came together.  Everything was coming off the shelves and out of the drawers.  Due to what felt like a lapse in judgement I had all 3 kids home.  To my surprise she had them under her Mary Poppins like spell helping to put their items in piles to give away, toss, or repair/look for pieces.  Every toy, every book, every harmonica was scrutinized before finding a very logical and labeled home.

At one point I mentioned not having a linen closet and she created one in the space that works perfectly.  She also asked if kid items were anywhere else in the house and I said, ummm, maybe a few in my office…  By a few I meant boxes of art projects, paints, soap making, science projects, workbooks.  She found a way to work it all seamlessly into the playroom giving me my office back!  We had a few new Covid toys that didn’t quite a spot yet and she homed them.

One of the most impressive tasks was the legos.  With 3 kids who all enjoy them, much storage had been claimed lego sets in various stages of build.  Some free form and some following the directions.  The lego expert gave each child a shelf with a bin to place their current builds in.  Everything else got divided up by color, character, accessories and so on.  Now they can easily reassemble with the directions OR free build.

The after:

I cannot recommend Jessica and The POP Home enough.  It is just so satisfying to feel really at peace and settled in your home.  It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Would make a perfect gift for yourself, or a mom to be, or a mom transitioning from the baby things to toddler and so on.  Jessica is a mom of two and will leave you with that new home feeling even if you have lived there for years.

The Container Store has a rewards program that is awesome.  Click here to join if you aren’t already a member.