Meal planning and family organization - Palm Beach Moms

If you feel like you are treading water – we have all been there.

One thing that helps me keep my head above water is planning out my month and our family meals.

The meal planning I do with the help of this planner from Desenio.  (You customize the size and frame options and use code BRIANAB35 for 35% off on prints only *excluding selection prints and 10% off frames, valid until the 20th of November 2022) When I was first starting I would ask friends or look on Pinterest for meal ideas.  Now I have a rotating book of favorites and I rotate in new ones as they come along.  I incorporate family members requests.  It’s been surprising how much more variety my kids will eat.  We have a you don’t have to love it but you do need to eat enough to keep your belly full until the morning rule.  Salads?  Split pea soup?  No problem!

This was a week in our house.

On a larger scale, I have their monthly planner in our mudroom.  Everyone can look and see what is happening on any given day.  Do I need my soccer cleats today?  Is there school next Friday?

While I was on the site looking for the planners, I found some great, affordable posters for my daughters room.  Currently she has a “Mermaid” theme so we did these ocean photos.  I’m sure she will change her mind soon and Ill happily order a new poster for the frame when her style changes.

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