ER visit during the covid19 pandemic - Palm Beach Moms
One of our little one broke her wrist during this quarantine….  so we wanted to help calm your nerves if case you have to make a trip to the ER in this unusual time.  Palm Beach Childrens Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach is our go to because of the 24 hour dedicated pediatric emergency department, with a level 1 pediatric trauma center (the highest in the state).
Here are some important items to know:
 All staff are screened daily and have appropriate PPE
 Entrances and visitors have been limited
 COVID-19 patients are cared for in dedicated units – a separate and safe environment.
 Once you arrive you and your child will be screened upon entry.
 Screening will include a temperature check and be asked a few questions about how you and your child are feeling
 You will be given a facemask if you do not already have one.
 You will then be directed to the Registration area.
 It is a good reminder to always bring any records or forms your physician has given you concerning your child’s care.
A nurse will escort you to the designated area and take your child’s vital signs. If your child meets certain criteria, like has had a fever or recent history of exposure they will be brought right back to a private room. The hospital will be able to provide a send out COVID-19 test which takes 24-48 hours for results. If your child needs to be admitted they will have a rapid COVID-19 test completed before leaving the ED.
Given the circumstances, we are strictly limiting visitors. We are allowing only one individual over the age of 18 for our Pediatric patients per day.
 These accompanying individuals will follow same screening protocol and be required to wear mask or face covering and visitor ID sticker.
If and when your child is admitted, you will be taken to designated pediatric rooms,
All rooms have been and continue to be sanitized and disinfected. This includes but is not limited to furniture and air ducts.  Skilled medical staff who are trained and specialize in pediatric care will care for your child.
 If you are bringing your child in for an outpatient visit, you will be contacted in advance by phone to schedule your appointment.
 You will be asked screening questions and given instructions about the visit, including
where to park and where to enter.
 On the day of your visit, please wear a face covering or mask. If you do not have one, one
will be provided for you.
 You and your child will be screened at the registration desk. Screening will include
questions based on CDC guidelines and temperature check.
 All outpatient areas have been modified with additional safety measures; including social
distancing, hand washing and all areas are routinely cleaned.
 ONE Accompanying visitors is permitted with a minor.
 Accompanying Visitor will follow same screening protocol and be required to wear mask or face covering.
 Self-monitor your temperature daily.
 Practice social distancing and wear a face covering in public spaces.
 Wash your hands often with soap and water.
 Call your physician immediately if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
For additional information or questions, please call: 561-882-6054
For late arrivals or cancellations, please call: 561-882-6246