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On the website for their new paper goods company, Paper Greats, CT-based founders Heather Terry and Selina Fletcher write: “Life is short—let us take something off of your plate and put it on ours.” You don’t have to ask us twice—and we’re already huge fans of their recycled, recyclable and compostable (read: eco-friendly) paper trays, cups and notepads. As moms, disposable paper goods (particularly in the hazy first post-partum weeks or when hosting family for the holidays) can be a lifesaver. But, we also don’t want to feel like we’re trashing the earth that our kids will inherit or “giving up” and not making meal time special. That’s where Paper Greats is, well, great. The growing line of products is gorgeous—seriously, their new Pantone-colored coffee cups (which go on pre-sale in a few weeks) are made for Instagram—but they’re also completely eco-friendly. We chatted with co-founder Heather (also mom to a daughter, 5) about how the business began, the products you should know about (stocking stuffer and teacher gift alert!) and where the brand is going.


How would you describe Paper Greats in a nutshell?

Paper Greats is a paper goods company on a mission. Everything we produce needs to be visually beautiful but also come from recycled material and be 100 percent recyclable and compostable. In the new year we’re working on a program to take back products to make sure they’re properly recycled. A lot of our lids will be upcycled into artwork. And our cups will be used by school seedling/garden programs, by the middle of next year.


That’s a serious eco-mission! How did this concept come together?

We met when Selina worked with my husband at Bridgewater. Selina lives with her sister, her niece (5), and nephew (2). Almost two years ago, she was at the sink washing the family’s dishes when realized she had reached her dirty dish limit. She found herself on Amazon purchasing bulk paper trays to solve the problem – and the idea was born.

I have been in consumer packaged goods for 10 years. My own career has been diverse. I owned a wholesale company Ggachi Bakery. I brought NibMor chocolates into thousands of retail locations across the country. My husband and I had invested in SW Basics skincare and brought them into Costco and Wholefoods. Selina approached me about creating beautiful paper goods this past summer and I thought why not? I’ve done everything else!


What are your favorite products?

The paper trays are our hero. That product is like eating off your mom’s china, but you can throw it away. You don’t feel bad about using it for a party, or every day. I also love the paper cups that are compostable. They will be available in beautiful Pantone colors and have funny saying on them. Both are uncoated so they’re easier to recycle.


Do you have any suggestions for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts, for those of us searching for last-minute ideas?

The mom note stocking stuffer is perfect. If your teacher is a mom or moms in general they’re a big hit. We put notes in everything—backpacks, lunchboxes, whatever. Trays are a nice gift because, just like The Local Moms Network, they give you the gift of time.


What’s next for Paper Greats?

In the new year, you’ll see three more cups and a collaboration with a high profile influencer who is helping to design stationery and a cup of her own. And we’ll be doing more plates and trays.


And ultimately, what do you hope for the brand?

Like every business owner I hope for world domination! But seriously, with Paper Greats the purpose is to spread joy with our products. We want people to feel good about buying our products from an aesthetic perspective and also protecting the planet.

To learn more about Paper Greats and put in an order to arrive by the holidays, go to

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