Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute - Palm Beach Moms

If you ever want to refresh your belief in miracles, go sit in the waiting room at the renowned Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach at St. Mary’s Medical Center.  The waiting room is filled with people who have traveled across the globe to get incredible care.  You can read some of the stories here.  There are parents who hand over their children hoping for a better life and adults with their quality of life so improved they beam while sharing their story.


Paley Orthopedic Institute treat all types of orthopedic issues, from the extremely complex cases to more common issues, and treats both kids and adults. They work as a team so you get second opinions no matter what.  Their doctors are innovators in the field, literally inventing devices and new surgical procedures.

I was a patient for some foot issues and my kids have kept us walking through the doors for broken wrists, a scoliosis screen, a shattered heel and more.

I am working through he process to have a second foot surgery there.  Surgery is always scary but it’s nice to know you are going to the best, and lucky us its right here.

I recently had dinner with Claire, one of the doctors making up the Paley team.  She got tears in her eyes when asked about her career.  THAT is what I want in someone who is cutting me or my kids open.  Genuine care for her patients and passion for making each human leave as much better as can be possible.

Their covid protocols will make you feel comfortable too.

Hope you don’t need this info, but if you do, rest easy!