Meet the Mom - Nikki H. - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Nikki Hodson

Where did you grow up:
I grew up in Syracuse, NY (upstate) and moved to Jupiter FL when I was a freshman in high school.

Town you live in now: we live in PBG

Why you love living there:
lol you might giggle but i love PBG, because of the crazy good amount of grocery stores we have right off PGA blvd. LOL we live in PGA national and I’ll do my “drive by” grocery run every Monday that consists of a mixture of Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and EarthFare. I know y’all mamas can relate to the grocery store struggle!

Tell me about your kids:
I’ve got two little blue eyed blondies on my hands! Our first born little dude is Bobby. He is 7 years old in first grade. He loves all things soccer and rubik cube these days (oh and fortnite ONLY when he does homework + eats his dinner}. Posey is 14 months and is my little free spirit wildflower. She’s as tough as nails, but will melt you with their little 4 toothie smile! We call her nosey posey because she gets into everything and is so curious to the world!

Favorite things to do with the kids locally:
We love the local PBG greenmarket on Sunday mornings (only when it’s not super hot). My kids love the cider donuts! We also love grabbing açaí bowls and heading to the Juno beach right at sunset! We have little “secret spot” we always go too!

What’s your ‘day job’?
Well before I launched my floral business; I was always in the fashion Industry. I graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in fashion design + merchandising! I was very blessed to have worked with some super talented people during my years in fashion. My favorite position before launching my own business was working for Anthropologie; I was managing the visual team in downtown west palm for many years! {and yes- we made every single thing from scratch}. And it was a ALL girlBOSS team. I learned how to use some serious power tools while working there!! When I decided to leave my position at anthro, I knew I had to peruse my creative outlet… that’s where Boho Garden Crowns + Events was born!

I first launched my floral business on the streets of Asheville, NC. My husband and I lived there before our son was born. We moved there not knowing a single soul or EVER visiting the town (crazy, huh?). Sooo, I knew i wanted/needed to meet some locals + get to know our new home. With that in mind, I made some fresh floral crowns and hit the downtown streets of Asheville, NC! I sold 23 floral crowns within 30 minutes and I knew I was on to something pretty fabulous! The Floral crowns grew over time to arrangements + that turned into something bigger with installations and then weddings! It’s so fun and the MOST rewarding when i see the look on my clients faces when i bring their visions to life! Little side bar info: I’ve never been classically trained in floral design EVER. I just credit my gift to the creative gods + my love of color (i joke that i ONLY see in color)!

What is your best parenting advise. Lay it on us.
Always remind yourself that it won’t last long. It gives light at the end of the tunnel for the stressful moments, and it reminds you to soak in the fleeting good moments.

What do you do for self care?
I try and follow the “rule of three”. Always be consciously aware of three things you’re looking forward to each week!