Mother's Day Matching - Palm Beach Moms

I cannot resist putting my kids in matching clothes and sneaking myself into that mix on occasion.  I mean, one only gets so long to do this sort of thing, right?


Here are a few of our favorite brands you can shop local to do just that.

Roller Rabbit pajamas are our all time fave.  From babies on up they have got you covered in the cutest prints.  The holiday prints always sell out so make sure you snap them up early.  The store at The Royal Poinciana Plaza has the nicest staff who can remind you when a print you are interested becomes available.  (Thank you Doris for saving our holiday jammies!. And thank you A Little Story Photography.)

We also love their Mommy and me outfits.  They give options so if you have a child that doesn’t want to match you exactly (say it aint so!) they can still be coordinating.  Personally I am a huge fan of the BAHIA NAOKI dress – which they usually come out with in different prints.  It has a waist, is lightweight cotton, looks good with wedges or flats, long enough that you can bend over without putting on a show, and you can wear a real bra with it.


This list would be incomplete without including Lilly Pulitzer.  The iconic prints are just irresistible.  Plus, Lilly was a local lady!  The new flagship store on Worth Avenue is so lovely and welcoming.  They will happily find you the perfect fit or gift.  Here are all the mommy and me matching looks.

And how about matching robes?  Pioneer Linens offers a fabulous line of customizable family robes for all sizes.  They are so comfortable and hold up beautifully. Pioneer Linens is a trailblazer in the industries of fine linens, custom bedding design and couture bath accessories, and certainly lives up to its name. It is among one of the oldest businesses still operating in Palm Beach County since 1912 and, in true pioneer spirit, was founded by an Austrian Max Greenberg, who immigrated to South Florida and lived in a tent while striving for a better life.  How cool is that?  This is the children’s robe, and adults here.  How fun is this photo by Nick Mele?  I mean, the baby with the pup, the hood up on the tricycle…

Are you ready set to match now?  Did you discover a new brand to try?  Did we miss out on a great one?  Let us know.

And – Happy Mothers Day to Mothers of all kinds!