Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - Palm Beach Moms

The fact that the beautiful intricate Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens are tucked away in Delray is mind boggling.  There are so many paths to wander through that you could make a full day of it.

After checking in $1 worth of fish food can make for lots of fun.  I would suggest taking a stroller if you have tiny feet plodding along and starting in the gift shop, picking up a few books to enjoy on the walk. Lunch can be VERY busy in season at the authentic and beautiful outdoor restaurant overlooking the gardens.  A snack before your walk would make for a no wait lunch if you wait for a bit later.  1:30 was fine for us in March.

After your snack, take your camera and your books for a stroll.  Feed the fish and turtles.  Plenty of shade on even the sunniest of days.  When you leave the main building most people head to the right.  Going that direction at the end there is a pagoda with history and kid friendly hands on exhibits showing Japanese life.  Finish up by an authentic Japanese lunch in the shade overlooking the gardens.

Note they are closed on Mondays, open all other days 10-5.  Children 5 and under are free, children are $9 and adults $15.

We hope you enjoy!