Meet the Mom - Michelle Boren  - Palm Beach Moms
Name: Michelle Boren
Where did you grow up? I grew up in America’s Heartland – Peoria, Illinois. 
Where do you live now? Palm Beach Island,  a beautiful piece of paradise.  Love the small town feel of the island where you know most of your neighbors  and if your dog runs away he gets a very civilized escort to the police station where he has fed biscuits while he waits for you… Speaking from experience
Tell us about your kiddos: I have 2 children;  Alex who just graduated Oxbridge and is off to Drexel next month ( yes- it really does go as fast as they say it does!) and Derby, my spirited 4th grader at Rosarian.
 We love biking to Royal Poinciana Plaza for dinner, going snorkeling off the Northend beaches and taking overnight trips to Miami to visit friends and museums.
Tell us about your day job?  How did you get started?   After a long career in financial services specializing in wealth management and real estate financing, I found myself spending the majority of my free time helping friends and family find housekeepers, nannies and Concierge Doctors and planning travel.  Then I became a full-time project manager for my own 4500 sq foot renovation on a 1930’s Monterey style house and it clicked for me that my real passion was helping those around me with their logistical needs, that is where I was finding joy as I thrive on staying busy and being efficient. I have now found a way to marry my financial and logistical strengths into Luxury Logistics, a full service Relocation Company. Please see my full list of services at
Parenting advice- Agghhh that is a hard one! I have found teaching kids an attitude of gratitude is invaluable. Other great advice I wish I would have received earlier was to consider giving kids a ‘Time-In’ instead of a ‘Time-out’. At that moment when their little bodies are coursing with adrenaline and they don’t know how to deal with ‘big’ emotions the last thing they need is isolation.
 Most importantly though, my best advice is go easy on yourself, to some extent we are all learning on the job. When we know better, we do better!
Self care, my favorite subject.  I love to indulge in Pranic healing and energy work by Annalise and nothing beats the feeling after a sweaty Vinyassa class at Yoga Society!