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Beinvenido a Mexico!

The ultimate couples get-away is also one of the easiest.  Why?  Because Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has Hotel Mousai with an all-inclusive option.  The only thinking you will have to do is deciding on flights, and if you want to book spa and dinner reservations.  Other than that it is just relax and enjoy yourself.

Now, you know we are totally baby and kid obsessed here, but it is a lot easier to relax when you aren’t seeing sweet little faces reminding you of the ones waiting for you back home.  (A pointer I give on that too is to send videos back and forth with your children’s caretaker, don’t FaceTime – if you are like us it always makes me – or the kids cry!)

Hotel Mousai is perched on the cliff of the Pacific coast in Puerto Vallarta.  Vacation, adults only, all-inclusive, great views, amazing spa… what more do you need?   A family all inclusive option?  Oh, ok fine. They have that, too!


When booking your room your room, you have lots of options.  We suggest any ultra level room with the all-inclusive option.  The ultra level gives you unlimited access to the spa hydro circuit (more on this, but trust us – it is amazing) higher floors for the best views, a butler, and wifi.  Oh, and your room will have a private terrace with a hot tub, hammock and an amazing view.

The penthouse was amazing and we loved having an extra half bath.  It’s good for a marriage, ha!  The floor-to-ceiling windows are stunning and gosh that big round bed makes me consider adding one to my own home…  it’s so comfortable!  You’ll also find a spacious living room with big TV, dining table, kitchen and bar. If you want to celebrate with others on property it has room to entertain guests.   We ended up hiring the saxophonist that plays at dinner to play in our room for the friends we travel with and we had a big room service spread of appetizers out on the bar.  The chef can prepare dinner for you right in your room, one of these chef prepared dinners generally included in your Penthouse room package.

There are a few drawbacks of the penthouse, such as –  – the terrace does not have a hammock and it’s a bit noisy.  The terrace entrance is through the shower.  The pool deck is your ceiling, and that pool deck turns into the evening entertainment so they drag the pool equipment to accommodate people…  then its dragged back in the morning…  Nothing terrible just food for thought.  We turned on white noise and let the dragging wake us up to enjoy the incredible sunrise.  These are photos of the penthouse.

Last year we stayed in the ultra corner room.  This is our top choice.  We loved the privacy of having a corner on a high floor and the view was breathtaking.  The private terrace with hot tub for two and a hammock made you want to stay forever.  Having a butler and access to the spa hydro circuit doesn’t hurt, either.

When booking your room, I recommend that you request the south west-side for sunsets and north-east side for sunrise for the best views – but, both are spectacular.

What to do:

The spa is outstanding and the hydrotherapy circuit is a must.  The spa treatments are almost as incredible as the view.  Enjoy pampering with a massage, facial, or hair and nail treatments.  Also, don’t miss the hike to the waterfall.

The gym is fantastic if you are into that and it offers all kinds of neat equipment.  Have you ever tried a Jacobs ladder machine?  I had not either until Hotel Mousai.

If you want to experience the local culture and go off property we went and felt totally safe.  The town of Puerto Vallarta is chock full of history and fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed strolling along the boardwalk Malecon, doing the walking art tour(on Wednesdays), seeing the 1903 Our Lady of Guadalupe, visiting the market for an authentic souvenir, enjoying a meal.  The hotel can also set up excursions for you such as a Cirquee du Soleil-esque show and dinner on an island.  This does require a taxi into the port, a wait in the terminal, then a boat ride to and from the island – which was… shall we say entertaining?  But the show was absolutely incredible.  Would we go again?  Mehhhh, but only because of the boat ride part.

Going in to town is a 10 minute ride in a taxi, and the resorts bellman can call the transportation for you. Uber is also available.

There is so so much to do just on resort property, they even have a weekly activity guide prepared for you.

Dining options:

Food isn’t 5 star but it’s much better than you would expect for an all-inclusive.  Restaurants offer up-charges for premium beverages and foods.  Alcohol options such as Patron, Grey Goose and more are included in the all-inclusive rate.  There are steakhouse, sushi, Mexican on the beach, roof top pool service, room service…  or you could book a “romantic dinner” for the two of you on the beach.  Make time to go down for breakfast. The view, atmosphere, the menu are all worth a trip downstairs.


Wait, you said there was a family resort as well right?

Garza Blanca, the family resort has great layouts for families. If you get a two bedroom or larger it has a full kitchen and a laundry room in the unit. If you do that there is a grocery store in town where you could stock up on food or have the concierge take care of it for you.  The resort offer a kids club and nanny services in case you want to come up to Hotel Mousai for a meal, spa, or gym.

Walk from Garza Blanca to Hotel Mousai or just take the trolly.  Enjoy the pool, beach, and dining at both.

10 things to know before you go:

  • The airport is about a 20-minute drive away. When you arrive at the airport, there is one section you will need to dash through to avoid the sales pitches – just keep walking.
  • Pre-book your spa appointment for savings and best availability.
  • The resort has filtered water, and they offer you bottled water at every turn.
  • Check this site for safety updates.
  • If you get in a pinch, Google translator can help!
  • Pool gratuities are not included.
  • Make sure your passport is up to date.
  • You will be encouraged to do the time share tour upon arrival. You will receive a resort credit and some other perks by doing this.
  • Do NOT FaceTime your kids! Send photos or videos back and forth, but do not FaceTime. Someone always cries.
  • DO sleep in, order room service, turn off your electronics, and connect with your love!


What to pack:

Carry on that can be used as day bag/beach bag
Reusable water bottle
Headphones that work in a standard plane plug and for your phone
Bars and travel snacks
Brush (the room has a hair dryer)
Emergency medicine
Travel snacks
Bug repellent
Nice to bring $5, $10 and $20 bills for tipping.  Other than that just spending cash for when you are off property.
Jewelry (travel jewels only, leave the precious pieces at home)
Book or Kindle
Sanitizer wipes
Dinner shoes
Dinner purses
Dinner dresses
Active wear and sneakers for gym
Cover ups
Bathing suit

*All opinions shared by The Palm Beach Moms are based on our experiences alone.