Meet the Mom - Stephanie Quinto - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Stephanie Quinto

Where did you grow up: 

I am a native Floridian, born in Margate and raised in Lake Worth.

Town you live in now: 

Still Lake Worth!

Why you love living there: 

I love the warm weather and being close to the ocean. I can’t stand cold weather and you’ll never catch me anywhere cold for longer than a few days. Most of all, I love being close to my family. My three sisters, nieces and nephews, parents and in-laws are all in Palm Beach County and I’m so grateful that my kids get to grow up with their family close by.

Tell me about your kids: 

I have two amazing daughters, Stella who is 5 and Brooklyn who is 4. Stella is sweet and sensitive. She is cautious, incredibly observant and asks the most insightful questions. Brooklyn has the most hilarious sense of humor. She loves anything that involves running, jumping or being silly. They’re both really into tap dance, ballet and swimming right now.

Favorite things to do with the kids locally: 

Anything outside- the Palm Beach Zoo, Lion Country Safari, feeding the animals at The Girls, going to the beach or local playgrounds and swimming.

What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it?

I am the Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Parent Coach behind Catching Dreams Consulting! My passion for sleep consulting began five years ago as a first-time when Stella never slept. Like never! Despite all of my internet research, nothing I was doing helped her sleep better so I decided I needed help. I hired a sleep consultant and our whole life changed for the better. That experience sparked my overwhelming passion for helping families get the sleep they deserve. Working with families one on one is the most rewarding work. It fills my heart every time a family tells me how much better their whole life is once everyone is well rested.

Then after I got a handle on sleep, toddlerhood came and my sweet baby was now voicing her own opinions, asserting her independence and testing boundaries, exactly what her job is. My focus became behavior. The traditional ways of time-out, punishment and scolding didn’t feel right to me, and frankly didn’t work. I felt there had to be a better way and discovered conscious parenting. I dove in and created my own self-study reading books, taking workshops, and listening to podcasts. After witnessing the incredible shift from power struggles to harmony in my own home, I knew I needed to master the skills and strategies of conscious parenting and share it with other parents. That’s when I completed the Child Behavior Certification Program with The Early Years to become a Parent Coach.

When families work with me, I understand where they’re coming from because I’ve been through it myself! It is my privilege to support parents through difficult times when they need help the most.

You can find me at or @CatchingDreamsConsulting on Instagram.

What is your best parenting advice.  Lay it on us.  

As a parent coach, I could talk about this for hours but I’d say my best advice is don’t be afraid to seek out help and support. That’s exactly what I did when I was struggling and it changed my life for the better and led me to a new career. We aren’t meant to do this parenting gig alone and we aren’t supposed to “know it all”. Getting help is normal.

What do you do for self care? 

Self care has become so important to me over the past few years and I incorporate it into my work as a sleep and parent coach. My practice is mindfulness based and I teach my clients how to include simple and easy self care practices into their daily routine and their child’s bedtime routine. It’s truly so good for the whole family.

For my own self care, I do a myriad of things- monthly chiropractic adjustments, exercise a few times a week and eating well are the foundation. Throughout the week I journal and do short meditations- it really only takes 5 minutes. I also make a point to get together with girlfriends once a month. Having a tribe of supportive mom friends is a self care must.

Karaoke – what are you singing?

Ha! I have only done karaoke once in my life and it was to Shania Twain’s, Man I Feel Like a Woman! It was actually a lot of fun!

Anything else you want to share?

I’m so grateful for this Palm Beach community. I have had so much support from local moms since starting Catching Dreams and I was to say thank you for that. I am here if you ever need me!