Meet the Mom - Samantha - Palm Beach Moms
Samantha Elizabeth Robin
Where did you grow up:
Palm Beach Gardens!
Town you live in now:
Palm Beach Gardens!
Why you love living there:

I enjoy traveling but there is truly no place I would rather live. Palm Beach Gardens is not only stunningly beautiful but there is such a strong sense of community that you just don’t see everywhere.

Tell me about your kids:
Ty is my older son and he is 12. How kind he is, is what I love most about him. He is truly an old soul.
Carter is my baby, he is 4. He is wild and crazy and a blast to be around!
Favorite things to do with the family locally:
We love going to the beaches, parks and eating at some of the out-door restaurants.
Best family restaurant:
We especially love U-tiki. Fun for the kids and great scenery for us.
Ideal family vacation spot and why:
We love “staycations” for the convenience. Gaylord in Orlando is great and more often we will do the Marriott on Singer Island. We pack a weekend bag and it only takes about 10 minutes to get there and have some quality time.
What’s your ‘day job’?
I am a full-time mortgage loan originator. I love helping families get into houses they love and I wanted something flexible so I can be there for my family when they need me. Its been a true blessing for us.
What is something that makes your life easier/better/more fun?
My friends! When I need some time away or simply need help I am grateful that I have a great group of friends that are super supportive.
How do you balance your ‘day job’ and motherhood?
Balance. I try to remember that family time needs to be uninterrupted. I make family time a priority and alone time for my husband and I a priority. It keeps or marriage strong and helps us to be the best versions of ourselves, parents, partners and business owners.
Who inspires you and why?
My husband, Brett. This year marks 14 years of being married and I couldn’t be prouder of all we have accomplished. I have never met anyone who has the dedication that he does. He is always supportive to me and the most loving father to our boys. He is always reminding me to not stress over little things and he finds happiness in the smallest things.
What do you do for self care?

For self care I love running along the beach road and around duck pond in Juno. Its great for my mind and body and gives me such peace. A close second is CrossFit, pushing myself to the limit is always good for me.

What did you wish you knew but no one told you about being a parent?

That every stage is just a stage. There are times when I would spend too much time worrying about one thing or another and a few weeks later it was a non-issue.

Anything else you want to share?
Leaving my 9-5 and going into mortgages was a scary move for me. When you have a family and you have to earn an income it is very difficult to leave a steady paycheck as we all know. I stayed focused and did it anyway knowing I wanted more of a life and freedom to be with my family on my terms. Now almost 4 years later I cant image going back. My point of saying that is I truly encourage any moms out there or young women in general to not settle. Make a plan, stay consistent and you will achieve what you desire