Meet the Mom - Samantha Marulli - Palm Beach Moms
  • I was born in Palm Beach, FL.
  • I currently live in West Palm Beach, FL with my partner, and son.
  • I’m a mother to the sweetest boy, Alfie (named after my father, Alfred Marulli Jr.). He just turned 5 months and has the biggest eyes and the brightest smile. From the moment he was born, we noticed his sense of presence and alertness. His doctor, and our family members tell us he is ahead of himself. Alfie LIVES for bath time and the Grinch! We wake up to watching, and even goes to sleep with it. He is the only grandson out of all of the grandchildren and he brings such joy to our entire family.
  • Our days are sprinkled with stroller rides, car trips, play mat time, and making him a part of everything we do as his mom and dad; but he loves his daily visits to Nana Barbie and Pop (Big Al), his “Auntie Soso” (My sister Lisa), and of course his girl cousins. He is the ring leader and glue that brings the entire family together.

  • We love living in West Palm Beach, as it blends the perfect mix of Urban and Rural lifestyle. The city has evolved into not only its offerings recreationally, but the culture/arts are robust, as well as entertainment and dining presenting a myriad of options.
  • My career is my passion which is The Jessica Marulli Memorial Foundation, which I founded in December of 2017. I launched our initial ceremony on her birthday, March 29th of 2018. We had over 250 guests and over 500 donors to the foundation that night (not including the 2,000 donors we received from December leading up to the event). Since then, the Foundation has allotted 4 scholarships at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. The foundation is set up in memory of my sister, Jessica Marulli Criddle. Preserving the memory and legacy of my dear sister by offering a life changing opportunity to a deserving student through education was our dream come true. We are approaching our fourth year with the Foundation and we are about to select yet another scholar. You can visit our website at to make a donation or view out of interest. The students we have been able to help is what makes the scholarship work. Each scholar sends a personal letter to each donor introducing themselves, telling them their aspirations, and what the scholarship has done for them academically.

  • Commercial Real Estate is in my blood. All of my siblings eat sleep and breathe it; apart from the youngest who is a talented photographer. After 10 years at my fathers firm, The David Associates (which he still keeps me involved in when buying and selling buildings), I developed a cafe (Patria Cafe) this past year with my partner, Paul Ardaji Jr. which we sold shortly after Alfies arrival, it has proven to be the ideal addition to my father’s building, The Comeau.
  • My best advice would be, don’t try and be the “perfect”parent, just be the most loving and patient parent; with your child, your spouse and yourself. We make mistakes, we learn thru trial and error, and we do our best each day to teach, nourish and love. Don’t forget to also care for yourself.