Meet the Mom - Lisa Hathaway - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Lisa Hathaway

Where did you grow up:  Dade City, Florida (just north of Tampa)

Town you live in now: For the last 16 years, we have lived in Tequesta.

Why you love living there: I love Tequesta because it has a small-town feel with access to the beach, great restaurants, parks and so much more!  We feel like we have it all.

Tell me about your kids: I have two kids, 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter.  They both love soccer and dream of becoming the first brother and sister to play professionally.  My daughter also would love to be a chef and my son is obsessed with having his own barber shop!  We also have two dogs, so it sometimes feels like I have 4 kids!

Favorite things to do with the kids locally:  Since both my kids are travel soccer players, soccer is definitely our go-to activity after school or work and on the weekends.  You can almost always find us at a local park kicking a soccer ball around or going out to eat with friends at our favorite outside restaurants.  My kids recently discovered they love the South Florida Science Museum after spending a week of camp there!

What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it?  I’m a librarian!  Specifically, I am the Library Director of the Mandel Public Library in downtown West Palm Beach.  It’s the best job ever.  When I was in college, I worked at my university’s academic library and fell in love with helping students and professors with their research needs.  That morphed into getting a Master’s Degree in Library Science where I discovered children’s literature and services.  I became a Children’s Librarian.  After almost 10 years of working with children, presenting storytimes, teaching early literacy skills, sharing reading tactics with parents and teachers, I moved into management and last year I proudly became the director. I now oversee a world-class library that is a vital community gathering space that supports job-seekers, small businesses, economic redevelopment and life-long learning! It’s also in such a fantastic location right on Clematis Street and we are so lucky that through city and private support, we have this magnificent four story space with more books, movies, programs and more than people can ever imagine until they visit us.

What is your best parenting advice.  I would have to say that you have to be willing to be real with your kids.  I grew up with a mother that didn’t sugar coat much of anything.  So when my kids ask me a question, I answer it honestly and allow them to continue to ask questions.  I want them to be comfortable and secure in the knowledge that mom and dad will always tell them the truth.  I like to think I’m an open book and I want my kids to know I have nothing to hide. They can come to me for anything, and know I will be there for them, without judgement.

What do you do for self care?  Truthfully, not enough these days… it’s been a crazy 16 months!  I recently bought a Peloton and my goal is to exercise at least five days a week.  That’s my time to get away and sweat away the stress, while celebrating my accomplishments!  Follow me at #Librarian4Life.

Anything else you want to share?  I really encourage moms to come down to the Mandel Public Library!  You will be amazed…  It’s not your typical library!  On our children’s floor (the 3rd floor), it’s not a traditional quiet space, we believe in kids playing and having fun, we don’t want them or you to worry about making too much noise. Enjoy learning, exploring and playing, and we even have homework centers for students too. Check out our KidsSpace here. Most people also don’t realize that when you get a library card, you also get free access to the most phenomenal digital library with books, movies, magazines and more. It was a life saver this past year! You can learn more about our library and all of our programs here. Can you tell how much I love being a librarian and what we have to offer? Our library team really is among the best in the country.