Meet the Mom - Julie Slack - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Julie Slack



Where did you grow up: Erie, Pennsylvania



Town you live in now: Delray Beach



Why you love living there: I love living near the beach.  The smell of the ocean.  The palm trees.  The warm breezes.  Ya know- I sort of sound like Jimmy Buffett right now… but I promise, I eschew Hawaiian shirts and in truth, don’t get to the beach (which is literally a block from my house) as often as I’d like.  But I really do like the smell of it!



Tell me about your kids: My son, Harrison, is almost 9 and is literally a dream husband in the making.  “Future Spouse,” you’re welcome.  He is incredibly emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and respectful.  I really admire how he treats others and respects animals and the environment.  He’s also a wonderful artist, a drummer, a great athlete, and what makes me so proud…is funny, and getting even funnier as his intelligence elevates.  My daughter Nahla, who is 6, is a total boss babe, and we think she’s going to be a CEO, a Producer, or something for which she can be in charge.  “Future Spouse,” get ready!!  She’s also incredibly sweet and respectful, but there’s an inherent spiciness to her that is just magic.  She too is really funny, and I’m truly proud that she is finding a comedic voice as well.  Also – other people seem to genuinely like my children, and that makes me so proud and happy. Overall, I’m always striving to develop these people into humans who will make and leave the world a better place.



Favorite things to do with the kids locally: We love the Palm Beach Zoo.  We are serious animal people.  We love the beach (when we actually get there… again, a block from our house… oy!).  We just discovered the Frost Science Museum in Miami which was amazing.  We love the new iPic in Delray.  We just went as a family to Grandview Public Market- so good!



What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it?  I am a professional Actress, Voiceover Artist, and Host. I probably “started” when I was born because I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic.  But I officially started in Musical Theatre when I was 8, and grew up doing that as my laser-focused hobby.  I then got into Improv Comedy in college and continued after college in New York.  Seriously – mad props to the people out there who are really good at Improv – it’s SO hard. I was always a work in progress. I worked in Corporate jobs for a few years, though, (studying and performing Improv on the side). But after a series of Acting opportunities came my way, I abandoned the Corporate ship and went full-time into Acting several years ago, and feel so fortunate to be making a living doing what I’m passionate doing.  My days are always different.  I spend a lot of time in my Voiceover booth recording jobs (I work with clients all over the world either recording the work on my own and then sending it to them, or recording in real-time (and having clients direct me as we go) using a software system that connects me with an audio production studio).  I also get many Voiceover auditions every day from my agents and managers, and usually that requires an incredibly fast turnaround time.  I also get on-camera (films/tv shows or commercials) auditions for which I either need to self-tape and edit/send my videos or go to the local auditions which are often in Miami. And, of course, I love the days when I get to work on-camera!  I do a lot of commercials for which I am the Host (aka speaking directly to the camera) and for those I usually read off of a teleprompter (but of course I have to do it so that it doesn’t seem that way at all!).  I had taken a break from on-camera work for a few years while we lived in Singapore and while my children were really little, so I’m now working to find and book as many film/tv opportunities as I can to continue to build up my credits.  I wrote, directed, and starred in a dramatic short film last year that then went to 9 film festivals- that all felt amazing.  I truly believe that the key to building this career (and many types of careers) is to create one’s own content.  So I’m working on my writing which is fun and challenging. I also do a lot of “behind the scenes” work on my business every day- just as any other solo-preneur does.  I market myself, I create content for social media, I network, I do my invoices, I have to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, I have to stay physically fit, I have to maintain my highlights, get manicures, and floss my teeth.  So, overall, I’m constantly working which is both invigorating and exhausting!  I think that when people hear “Actress” they think that it’s a life of leisure- that we are just sitting back, drinking matcha lattes, waiting for our agents to call.  But there is SO much to do.  And I always say, no one else cares as much about my career and future as I do.  So who’s gonna grind harder for it than I?


What is your best parenting advise.  Lay it on us.  Be authoritative, yet vulnerable.  I am very authoritative with my children.  They know their parents are in charge, and that we expect respect, and in turn, will give respect. I feel that many times I’m more stern than some of my friends, and sometimes I doubt myself about that.  But I’m really open with my kids about my feelings. I want my children to know that I have so many of the same feelings as they do, and that it’s important to be open about them with the people you love. I talk with my children about my fears now, the things that I feared when I was a child, the things that I worry about, the things that I have felt badly about, the things I’ve regretted, the things I’ve questioned, reasons for why I’ve scolded them; and conversely the things that make me happy, proud, inspired, energetic, hopeful.  I talk with them about these things not as though they are children, but as though they are confidantes (for lack of a better term) and I see how this is a relief to them.  To know that they are not alone.  To know that they are normal.  To know why I do and say certain things as a parent.  To know that I share all of this with them.  And while I strongly believe that I am not meant to be “friends” with my children, when I share myself with them this way, I see that it helps them to better understand me and to better understand how to express themselves.  I think it really helps to forge a comfort level together that I hope will continue to grow as they do.  We are thankfully very close.



What do you do for self care? Honestly- not enough.  I have gift cards for massages (which I LOVE!) that are way too old.  I need to be better about finding time for self care.  But- I do feel it’s incredibly important to take care of my skin.  So it takes me about 27 minutes to get ready for bed (wait- did my husband just type that?!  It SO does not!  Only… 25 minutes!)  But I do use a lot of lotions and potions, and we joke that my regimen is getting exponentially longer every year. But honestly- self care is on my ever-expanding to-do list.  (Which sort of defeats the whole purpose of self care.. doesn’t it?)!  Ha!  Oh- I did just get some new perfume that I’m loving, and that feels really sexy and indulgent (I can smell myself!) and so, you know, I’m really enjoying being around myself (and hoping others feel the same).  I also have lasered my legs which is a game changer in time-saving (except that for whatever reason my knees are stubborn, so every so often I’ll realize that I’m walking around with gloriously hairless calves but ape-like knees).  And so then, I’ll have to put “leg self care” back at the top of my list.  Oh boy, it’s a never-ending cycle of self care.



Anything else you want to share?  I think that being able to see things comedically is the best way to get through our busy hustle of a life.  I love to share funny snippets on Instagram (@julieslacktress) and am continually taking notes (oh yes!) on the things that I find hilarious that happen in everyday life.  I would really like to be a source of comic relief for others, and am working on the best ways to share that kind of content.  I’m always open to ideas, and would love to connect with others who have them!  Get in touch!  Oh, and if you’d like to see more of my work, my website is



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Julie is the recent winner of 2 Best Actress Awards – Independent Shorts Awards and Mindfield Film Festival – and has received a Nomination for Best Actress from the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival-  for her performance in “Tree Game,” the film she wrote, directed, and starred in.  “Tree Game” won Honorable Mention from the One-Reeler Short Film Competition, and is also an official selection of the Sunscreen Film Festival, the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, the Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival, and Indie Short Fest.