Meet the Mom - Jes Royston - Palm Beach Moms
Name: Jes Royston (full name Jessica, but dropped an S on the nickname)
Where did you grow up: Ringwood, NJ
Town you live in now: Jupiter, FL
Why you love living there: Oh my, how many characters do I get? My husband and I were always beach lovers, so when we had the opportunity to move to a seaside town, we jumped on it. I love the people, the sense of community, the local support, the palm trees, and of course the beach!
Tell me about your kids: Ryan is 8 and just started 3rd grade. He loves math, Legos and frozen blueberries. Jake is 5 and just entered full time school at a Kindergartener! He loves drawing, swimming and anything with coconut. They both will be attending Franklin Academy this year and are obsessed with sports!
Favorite things to do with the kids locally: Anything in the Intracoastal! They love paddle board and boat rides, snorkeling and collecting hermit crabs. They loved SportsTyme camp this summer. Hanging out with our Somerset friends at our park and pool is a favorite pastime. Harbourside events are also a fave!
What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it? I am a Holistic Health Coach at Advanced Natural Medicine of Jupiter with Dr. Michelle Carrillo-Massa. I went to nutrition school in 2010 when I was newly pregnant with my oldest son, knowing I did not want to continue the hectic life of a NYC designer and wanted work for myself while I raised my children. I was always interested in natural wellness as a result of my own health journey, so when I learned I could help others as a career, I was in!
What is your best parenting advise.  Lay it on us.  I would say the thing that fills my kids up the most is completely undivided attention time. I am like most moms, juggling kids, activities, constant access with phones and social, so once per day I take an hour or more and put everything away so it is just the 3 (or 4 if my husband is home!) of us. We swim, bike ride, read, walk on the pier with no interruptions. It’s funny how the fighting and nagging stops. Their little buckets get filled up with mommy time and I am also refreshed. We talk and laugh and the stress of life is gone. I work way better once I have a dose of them!
What do you do for self care? I’m pretty big on this since it’s a main principle I teach my clients. I wake up early (before 5) and read either a devotional or self-help type book with my morning coffee and water. I take time to meditate and pray, all before the sun comes up. My mind is calm and ready to take on the chaos that is right around the corner. I can better embrace the day if I start it with some alone time.
Anything else you want to share? Just that I love helping moms! I love talking to all moms, brainstorming ways to add in healthy habits, talking about the latest nutrition trends and empowering them to make the best decisions for their health and the health of their families. I want each and every lady to know they deserve to feel and live their best every single day! I have a blog surrounding this mission so anyone can access free quality information. All I ask is if they find value, to share with someone else it could help. The ripple effect is an amazing thing!


Jes Royston

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Advanced Natural Medicine of Jupiter
I help busy mamas 
go from burnout to mental vigor 
using the gut brain axis!


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