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Emily Pantelides
Where did you grow up: 
 Athens, Greece
Town you live in now: 
 Jupiter, Florida

Julia Duresky/CAPEHART

Why you love living there: 
 I never thought I would like living anywhere that was not a big city, but our family has fallen in love with Jupiter. So much so, that my husband, Peter Robbins has decided to run for Jupiter town council. We think it’s such a special place. My children’s safety is honestly the main reason that I encouraged Peter to run. We want to make sure they will grow up in a safe environment and It’s why the police department along with every other public safety group in our area endorsed Peter for Jupiter!
Tell me about your kids: 
 God has blessed us with two complete joys! Alexandra is two, and is a spunky little thing who already has a little attitude! She only loves carbs and refuses to smile for pictures. George is 5 and I’m pretty sure is already smarter than me! George loves a good avocado toast and has a camera ready smile at all times. They both have their own unique little personalities and have changed my life.
Favorite things to do with the kids locally: 
 We’re in one of our local parks with the kids almost every weekend. Whether it’s playing on a playground or taking a walk, they love being outdoors.
What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it?
I own a local public relations company, called Pantelides PR & Consulting. I worked in TV news for 12 years, most recently at WPEC, CBS12 as the main morning anchor. I loved every minute of being in the news industry, but for the morning show, my wake up time was 2:30am. Our show started at 4:30am. You never realize how much you need your sleep until you don’t get any! I learned that first with the morning show, then having kids really teaches you that lesson! Pantelides PR was born when I decided I wanted more flexibility in my life and I wanted to offer that to other women. Everybody who works for us is a woman and has children. There are no set office hours. As long as everybody completes their work on time, I don’t care if they work from home or come in to the office. That’s what I wanted for me and that’s what I wanted to create for working moms in our area. I’m proud that Pantelides PR has grown into one of the leading firms in our area. We’ve been recognized by the Sun Sentinel as one of the best places to work, we’ve won multiple PR awards and been named for two years running as one of the top 10 PR companies in South Florida by Expertise.
What is your best parenting advise.  Lay it on us.
I’m still learning! What I can say is that no matter what my faults are, my children will always know they are loved. I tell them every day at nauseam. I think hugs, kisses and constant love helps kids feel secure. Another tip…cauliflower! It’s saved my life. I mix it in Alexandra’s oatmeal in the morning and on the weekends pancakes always have riced cauliflower in them. They eat it right up with no complaints. It helps me feel less guilty for the times I shove sugar down their throats to keep them quiet! 😝
What do you do for self care? 
 Shop!!!! I think I have a terrible shopping addiction! Thank God I can share my finds on the last page of Palm Beach Illustrated in my monthly segment called “Emily’s Picks”.

Anything else you want to share? 

If you live in Jupiter, the election is only a few days away. I know it’s hard to get out and vote with the kids (and just life in general) but I ask that you please do. Municipal elections are much more important to your day-to-day life than the big presidential elections. The decisions made on this level affect your safety, schools and what parks open and close…I could go on and on. Please vote for Peter Robbins, he’s a dad, he’s endorsed by our first responders and he’s somebody who will always be open to listening to your opinions.