Meet the Mom - Elizabeth LeGore - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Elizabeth LeGore

Where did you grow up: Jefferson Maryland (country girl!) and spent every summer at Ocean City, Maryland

Town you live in now: Palm Beach Gardens

Why you love living there: Super family friendly, central to tons of amazing local restaurants, beaches, parks, and shopping. Plus I love the fact that we are in between WPB and Jupiter, nice and close to everything!

Tell me about your kids: My Son David will be turning 2 next month. He is such a happy little guy! Loves to say Hi to everyone who walks by (and will continue to say Hi until they respond lol). He has the best sense of humor and is already making little jokes. He is super strong willed and brave. He was born 6 weeks premature and has overcome so much in his short 2 years. He was born with hydrocephalous(fluid in the brain) and at just 7 weeks had brain surgery. The past 2 years he has showed us that miracles happen and that no diagnose can determine your future. He is eager to learn and talks non stop! He loves to read books, listen to music, play the drums & harmonica, swing, drink smoothies and listen to wheels on the bus on repeat. He is a light to all who meet him. I am so proud to be his Mama!

Favorite things to do with the kids locally: We love going to all the amazing parks in our areas! Burns Road Park(great toddler play set), Singer Island Beachside Park (has an amazing covering over the playground), and Lakeside Park(beach and park-score!) We also have enjoyed going to the Childrens Museum in Jensen Beach, great for all ages!

What’s your ‘day job’? How did you get started with it? I own Vagabond Apparel Boutique in North Palm Beach. It’s a women’s, children’s and men’s boutique specializing in beachy-boho chic! We offer a Californian premium denim and graphic tees to Australian & Bali Sundresses for women. We carry newborn to size 14 in Kids, which continues to grow! I opened Vagabond Apparel 4.5 Years ago after being in the retail industry for over 12 years. I always wanted my own boutique, it was just the right time so I went for it and so happy I did!

What is your best parenting advise. Lay it on us. Biggest thing I have learned and live by is to not compare myself as a mom to other moms or my son to other children. If I start comparing my sons development, sleep habits, etc to other kids his age then I loose site of all the amazing things he is doing. I get to focused on hitting a “milestone” instead of enjoying the journey together. Also, I have really noticed that my attitude is EVERYTHING. I choose joy and choose to have hope and be positive in every circumstance and it trickles down to David. I set the tone and he just follows my lead. If I am smiling and happy so is he. If I am anxious so is he…

What do you do for self care? Monthly Pedicure and Massage is a must for me! Time to relax and reboot. I also find time connect with my friends for a girls night out or a morning coffee date.

Anything else you want to share? I would want to encourage all the Mama’s out there to connect with those around you. It can be isolating as a Mom sometimes especially with a new babe. Reach out and ask for help, if you have a question text/call a seasoned Mom. Make time for yourself and doing things you love bc it will refresh you and trickle down to your family!