Meet the Mom - Dr. Liza C. Wu - Palm Beach Moms


Liza C. Wu, I go by Lisa

Where did you grow up:

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago! Great memories of going to Cubs and Bears games!

Town you live in now:

Boca Raton, FL

Why you love living there:

The excitement of getting to know a new place, the kind people, the diversity, the weather (at least from November to February)! We live pretty central and love being close to everything, restaurants, shopping, beaches, even the highways if we want to venture a little further out! We love South Florida because we are able to be outdoors year round.

Tell me about your kids:

I have 2 daughters, 8 and 10. They have very different personalities but both amazing in their own ways. Growing up, I didn’t have any sisters, only 2 brothers, so raising girls has been eye opening, stressful at times, but we always manage to have fun.

Brooklynn, my 10 yo, is incredibly smart and very quick. In the same breath, she is kind and always helpful. She is our goto girl for anything electronic. I admire her confidence and leadership abilities at such a young age. She works hard and has many natural abilities.

Kendall, the 8yo, is fiesty and fun-loving. If it isn’t a good time, she isn’t interested. I admire her because she lives life to the fullest with everything she does. She is incredibly empathetic and thoughtful, always asking how the person is doing. She is also the first person to give a stranger a compliment.

Favorite things to do with the kids locally: We love spontaneous picnic dinners at the beach! We love riding our bikes year round. We are all foodies, so its been extra fun trying out all the new restaurants in the area. Looking forward to riding the Brightline and exploring North to Palm Beach and South into Miami. Still looking for fun things to do around town so spam me with ideas!

What’s your ‘day job’? How did you get started with it?

I am a plastic surgeon; I started at University of Pennsylvania, an academic institution in 2006. My specialty has always been breast cancer, reconstruction and and breast aesthetics. Last year in 2022, my husband was transferred to Deerfield and so we left Philly for South Florida. I am in the process of starting my own private practice, Prive Plastic Surgery, in Boca. Currently, I provide concierge plastic surgery services while my office in being built. Eventually, I hope to build something as wonderful and great as the practice that I left behind. Although starting over with a new business can be tough, it is also very exciting and am amazed at the opportunities that are out there. We haven’t looked back!

What is your best parenting advice. Lay it on us.

As hard as it may be, because by nature most of us want to fix problems, we have to let our children struggle and sometimes fail. This is the only way they will gain the strength and tools necessary to cope and overcome challenges they will face in their own lives. As an example, the move from Philadelphia to Boca Raton was a big change for us. I was worried for my children with leaving behind the only home they knew and amazing friends. But they suprise me everyday with their resilience and their ablity to adapt. We have had a few struggles, but if you asked them today how they like their new home in South Florida, they would say “We love it!”

What do you do for self care?

Play tennis, lots of it, especially since I have more free time now than I have ever had. I also splurge on my skin care routine. Because I was spending so much more time outside in this gorgeous weather, the Florida sun wrecked havoc on my skin when I first moved down here. Now I have a specific, comprehensive skin care routine that I use to keep my skin glowing and healthy. I will probably add lasers in the near future.

Karaoke – what are you singing? No one wants to hear me sing in public. In the shower or car, I end up singing whatever my 2 girls have been obsessively listening to.

Anything else you want to share?

I am so excited to get to know my new tribe here in Palm Beach!!! thank you (palm beach moms) for providing this service and all the amazing information!!!