International Women's Day - brands we love supporting - Palm Beach Moms

Rohi’s Readery is just a treasure chest filled to the brim with love and books and diversity and all the things.  Pranoo, the owner is a ray of sunshine, tirelessly leading and giving to the community.  Make time to visit her and enjoy the sacred space she has crated.  You will be better for it, Palm Beach Mom’s guarantee.





Cabana Life is near to my heart.  I was introduced to this brand by an incredible woman, Heather McMehan who we recently lost to melanoma.  I appreciate their commitment to sun protection that is actually good looking and perfect for a mom on the go.  Their kids and mens line are great too!

Bimble is a CBD (non THC) beverage started by a mom.  The path to starting this company is woven through beekeeping (a passion of her husband and how the drink is sweetened) and love for their children.  Oh, and they are delish with no yucky ingredents.  I don’t drink so if you se me sipping after 3pm – its a Bimble.  Friends say it blends nicely with gin too.

Three local women owned shops we love are Ceci, Initial Styles and Vagabond.

Bold Made card game proudly celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with a game that showcases inspiring women. International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and is marked annually on March 8th during Women’s History Month.

Bold Made allows adults and children to have fun while learning something new from a collection of cards inspired by extraordinary women who have contributed to shaping our society and the world at large. Bold Made is an Award-Winning remake of the classic game Old Maid but without the sexism of avoiding the older woman deemed too old to marry.

Bold Made card game comes with 40 beautifully illustrated cards celebrating these great women in 10 categories, which includes activists, artists, astronauts, explorers, inventors, musicians, scientists, Supreme court justices, writers, and world leaders. Some of the famous names include Malala Yousafzai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Isabel Allende, Ada Lovelace, Harriet Tubman, and more.

The goal of Bold Made is to celebrate the bold women who made huge impacts on the world and start meaningful conversations about their amazing achievements with people of all ages.

Bleuet (Bluu-ay), a tween and young girl-focused bra brand doing all the right things and led by an amazing woman.

Their buttery soft and size-inclusive bras are eco-friendly, sustainable and created ethically. All of their scraps get turned into scrunchies, and they only work with manufacturers who offer fair and sustainable wages, reasonable hours and a safe working environment. In addition, all lightly worn and inspected returns in good condition get donated to foster girls lacking bras.  Their bras are also loved by women who have sensitive skin, breast cancer survivors, and those with hypersensitivity.  My picky daughter will ONLY wear them.

Ojala Threads was founded in 2018 by Latina Ramona Ferreyra.

This heritage-focused brand inspires the youngest generation to be proud of who they are and where they come from at the earliest age. Ojala Threads’ design of the super-soft baby bodysuits that serve a dual purpose – clothing babies in adorable outfits and representing their heritage and identity. This unique brand features non-toxic water-based inks, premium fabric, lead-free snaps, flexible shoulders for easy removal, and generous sizing guaranteed to last longer as baby grows.