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Pass the stuffing and the stamps.

It’s Holiday Card time.  I LOVE holiday cards, getting them, sending them, designing them…  BUT I actually sent emails for two years because the waste of it all made me feel guilty.

Paper Culture is truly changing that.  They are a company that leads with their heart.  Every order plants a tree.  They have already planted over a MILLION trees.

All companies consume trees. Paper Culture is no different. However, instead of cutting down forests to fill your order, they use post-consumer waste and wood alternatives. They offset the carbon footprint created. They plant a tree with every order. The tree saved and the tree planted may be the tree we climbed in our youth, the tree we sit underneath on our first date, the tree that helps build our house, the tree that cools our earth, or the tree that provides the air we breathe.

Creating a sustainable product is not just about the materials, but also about manufacturing. They partner to manufacture domestically thereby reducing the environmental impact further. As an e-commerce company they do have a carbon footprint, a large portion of which is the transportation and manufacturing process. They partner with organizations like to offset our entire carbon footprint.

It doesn’t stop there.  The chose offices in large part based on their proximity to public transportation and are proud that the majority of employees walk or take public transportation to work. And of course, they choose office supplies with eco-friendly cleaning materials and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Their philosophy is simple: every action counts in creating the future we wall want to have. So good right?  Inspiring and makes me so hopeful!  Design your cards here.

If you need me, I’ll be posted up by the mailbox waiting or holiday cards of well wishes and happy faces I love, guilt free.




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