Highlighting the Helpers: The Historical Society of Palm Beach County - Palm Beach Moms

What is the name of your organization? The Historical Society of Palm Beach County

What is your mission? To collect preserve and share Palm Beach County’s important history.

How and when did you get started? The Society Brings History to Life.

The HSPBC maintains a large archive on the history of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the Caribbean. Through its archives, which includes four million photographic images, plus maps, newspapers, journals, periodicals, architectural drawings, and research files, the Society maintains an active research facility and documents the people and events that have shaped Palm Beach County. In addition, the multiple education programs and initiatives of the Society in schools and communities are of primary importance to our vision of building an understanding and appreciation of local history in our children.

After the Historical Society was formed in 1937, West Palm Beach attorney A. Stanley Bussey donated a vintage black-and-white photograph of an island street scene to the newly established Society, the first gift to what would become a remarkable collection of artifacts and documents representing the cultures and communities, failures and successes of life in Palm Beach County.

The creation of the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum in 2008 in the 1916 Courthouse finally allowed the collection to fully serve its critical purpose: to share and showcase the rich history of Palm Beach County and the larger context of Florida’s heritage dating back at least 12,000 years.

Who do you help? All Palm Beach County residents and visitors with special emphasis on our Palm Beach County students.

Are there volunteer opportunities?  Any where children can be helpful/involved? Yes! Come and volunteer to be a docent and help us educate children about our history! f you like working with people and have an interest in history, consider volunteering your time at the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum and Historical Society of Palm Beach County. The museum has ongoing need for volunteers with opportunities as a Docent, Museum Store Assistant, or Front Desk Greeter, at Special Events, and in the Archives.

After completing a training program held once a year, docents interact with visitors and lead tours. Most volunteer positions require a regular schedule of about six hours per week.

Because the museum is within a county-owned building, all volunteers and staff are vetted and fingerprinted by the county.

What is your website?  www.pbchistory.org   @pbchistory

What else do we need to know about you? For teachers: Bring History To Your Classroom

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County offers a constantly growing list of tools for teaching Palm Beach County and Florida history.

Lesson Plans are available for each annual Special Exhibit at the Johnson History Museum.  Topics range from historic periods such as World War II to themes like baseball and the fashion of feathers.

Since 2003, the Historical Society has created and delivered to Palm Beach County public schools civics and history curriculum, according to Sunshine State Standards, in a tabloid format. We now offer this material here by chapter for downloading. Maps, graphics, quizzes, and Teacher’s Guides are designed to enhance the educational experience.

Check back often for new material.