Highlighting the Helpers - Ella's Closet - Palm Beach Moms

What is the name of your organization? Ella’s Closet

What is your mission? To provide the families of young children with life-saving skills such as CPR, educational workshops, mentoring, and necessary provisions for their infants and children

How and when did you get started? Ella’s Closet opened its doors in 2015 as a ministry of the Light House Café. Debra Allen is the founder and administrator for Ella’s Closet. When a friend whom she had met in the medical field during her time as a pediatric nurse lost her grandbaby, Ella Pearl, in May 2015 she felt a calling to do something special for the family. Moved with a vision to allow the legacy of such a precious baby to continue to shine throughout the world, while also helping to provide the families of young children with life-saving skills such as CPR, educational workshops, mentoring, and basic provisions for their infants and children.

Who do you help? Mothers in Belle Glade and the surrounding Western Glades Communities.

Are there volunteer opportunities? Anywhere children can be helpful/involved? We have opportunities to volunteer during special events and welcome volunteers to help organize donations and the closet.

Are there any specific items that people can donate? We are always accepting donations for gently used baby and children’s clothing and gear, as well as donations of diapers, formula, and toiletries. There are also several ways to conveniently make a monetary donation or become a monthly supporter of Ella’s Closet. Truly, no gift amount is too small to make a difference. Through monetary donations and monthly sponsorships, Ella’s Closet is able to reach the many mothers, babies, children, and families in need. Donations are accepted through the PayPal Giving Fund and Facebook donations. If you prefer to give via check, please mail your gift to Ella’s Closet PO Box 220, Pahokee, FL 33476. Ella’s Closet is also supported by Amazon Smile – allowing you to support Ella’s Closet while making everyday purchases!

What is your website? www.ellascloset.org

What else do we need to know about you? Want to shop Ella’s Closet? Well, don’t forget your “Ella Bucks”! See, Ella’s Closet does not even accept good old cash. To earn Ella Bucks, you have to attend workshops or classes offered throughout the month. Held at the Light House Cafe, the mothers and families of young children within the Western Glades Communities can connect with others, while also learning life and parenting skills. Upon completion, the attendees are “paid” in Ella Bucks as a reward for attending that class or workshop. They can then choose to save their bucks for a larger ticket item, or they can go ahead and start shopping!