Meet the Mom - Helen Bergin - Palm Beach Moms
Name: Helen Bergin
Where did you grow up:  Rye, NY right outside NYC
Town you live in now:  We moved to SoSo in West Palm Beach, FL 4 years ago and have never looked back
Why you love living there: Getting to be outside every single day is an absolute game changer with kids! The community has been such an easy adaptation of our lives and we have met so many wonderful humans!
Tell me about your kids: Spunky and adorable in a nut shell. Eloise is 4 and is her own person which just blows my mind. She is creative, opinionated, fiece, sensative, and the most loving creature. Nellie is 2 and hilarious. She can make a room belly laugh with her naughty smile and she more than keeps up with her big sister.
Favorite things to do with the kids locally: Collect shells on the beach for crafting in the evenings, BBQing at home, quick jaunts to the Zoo (only 3 minutes away) and ordering pizza directly to the beach
What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it? Interior Designer. My mom was a set designer and inspired me to find the field from a young age.  I worked from several renowned firms before opening up Helen Bergin Interiors in 2016. We are primarily focused on full scale high end residential design. What I love most about my job is how intimate it is. Getting to meet new people and really understand how they like to live is fun but then presenting them with a home that makes them feel like the best version of themself is beyond rewarding. Your home should feel better than your best vacation! Come visit us at 214 Brazilian Ave in Palm Beach or visit us at @helenbergininteriors /
What is your best parenting advice.  Lay it on us.  Listen to your kids. My kids get frustrated easily but its generally for a reason. Listening instead of quippping back is always the better route (though can be the tougher one). Also, dont slow down making mom friends, moms give the best advice!
What do you do for self care? Ashwagandha, hot yoga, HIIT class, bubble baths, face masks, cooking, dinners out, dancing… Firm believer in ALL things self care.
Karaoke – what are you singing? Push It “Salt n Pepa”
Anything else you want to share? Being a mom is the most gratifying job but it isnt easy! Having a community is so crucial for balancing all the highs and lows. Thank you for being a group that brings us all together and for giving us ideas on making it that much easier!