Grow your own way - Gardening with Kiddos - Palm Beach Moms

Ok, so has this quarantine got you thinking about a garden?  Sure made us appreciate ours, and gave us more time to tend to it!

We are sharing our best tips to incorporate gardening into your family.

  1.  Start with table scraps.  Before you commit to spending, why not try on things you have at home.  Celery, chives, and romaine are all easy to grow from scraps.  Pineapples also, but they take a year to get a fruit!

2.  If you do want to get started, consider container gardening.  Start small.  We suggest buying small plants from a local nursery.  Basil is quite hearty and a good place to begin.

3.  Consider the time of year and the exposure of your gardening area. The UF websites great for what to plant when information.

4.  How about hydroponics.  I have one in my garden, and am tempted to get a second.  Great for high production, low maintenance, or small areas.  This is a good starter.

5.  Get dirty.  Let the kids get dirty.  Let them eat the carrots they grew with just a hose rinse.  Plant stevia for a sweet treat kiddos like to nibble on.

6.  If you need professional help – we think The Garden Shoppe in West Palm does a great job.

7.  Make it fun!  Tickle Me Plant’s Zombie Seed Packets that allow kids to grow a unique sensory plant that “plays dead” when you touch it and then it comes back to life minutes later.  It is easy to grow indoors year-round – no need to wait till spring for this indoor gardening fun experience!