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New to the Area: With Grace Care Specialists

Deciding when to return to work, whether at all, then onsite, remote or hybrid? In this post-pandemic world we find ourselves with many decisions to make, and the possibilities are as endless as our individual experiences, needs and wants.  One constant is the desire to surround our children with stimulating, knowledgeable, quality people along all aspects of the journey.

New to the Miami area is the highly sought after With Grace Care Specialists. With Grace has been successfully connecting families to childcare specialists in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and is now geared up to meet the needs of active, busy families in South Florida.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the agency Owner Toni Martinez. Listen in!

First, let me ask, exactly what services are you bringing to the area?

We match Newborn Care Specialists, Nannies, and other professionals with families of all shapes, sizes and parenting styles. At With Grace, we do the legwork finding helping hands for busy families. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring can be frustrating, especially if you aren’t sure exactly what it is you want! We have the benefit of experience in identifying the qualities and characteristics parents seek. We’ve seen what has and hasn’t worked well and can help guide the family in determining what will be the best fit for them.

How is what you do different than other Nanny agencies?

Our goal is a successful match! With Grace’s proven methods in screening and selecting candidates to present are very individualized and thorough. We don’t keep a database of names and send whoever is available. We come to understand what each family is about, what they’re hoping to find in a nanny, their dynamics and parenting style …. or lack of if this is their first child! Childcare Specialists are as diverse in methods and backgrounds as the families they join. Beyond the requisite criminal background checks, candidates are interviewed in a way that we intuitively feel they would or wouldn’t be the perfect fit for the family we have in mind. Our selection and screening process will help find the one special person you would hand pick yourself! 

How can families get in touch to learn more?

I’ll refer any interested and curious families too our website, for more information about who we are and what we do, along with some educational blog posts. There is also an online form to begin the hiring process for qualified childcare professionals looking to join our team!