Get to know - The Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization - Palm Beach Moms

What is the name of your organization?

The Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization

What is your mission?

The mission of the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization is to be a proactive, dynamic support group to all people who have Down syndrome and their families.

How and when did you get started?

Our organization started in 1980 with a handful of moms who met in our founder Gail Marino’s living room.  These moms were frustrated because their children with Down syndrome were not being given access to a full education and to community resources.  Since our very beginning, we have worked hard to knock down those barriers.

Who do you help?

We help people with Down syndrome from birth through adulthood and their families.  Our emphasis is on inclusion, advocacy and education.

Are there volunteer opportunities?  Any where children can be helpful/involved?

We need high school volunteers at our DownRight ExtraOrdinary Walk in the fall (this year October 11th) to help with event set up, break down and assistance with activities.  Middle and high schoolers can help with our Copy Palooza project which takes place in June and July.  Volunteers make copies, laminate, and put together books for our fall education program, the Learning Program.

Are there any specific items that people can donate?

We welcome donations of paper towels and toilet paper.

What is your website?

What else do we need to know about you?

We are committed to helping every person with Down syndrome have a full and meaningful life and to be given the chance to contribute to, not take from, society. We want everyone to understand that people with Down syndrome have the talents and abilities to enrich not only their lives, but the lives of all of us who live in their communities.