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I had been contemplating doing genetic testing to better understand my health.  Getting older really makes you appreciate good health!   After way too much research I went with  Nebula Basic Test Kit with Lifetime Subscription ($299 ).  The basic kit starts at $99.  I choose them because of their privacy and accuracy guarantee.  I decided to test the whole family so some family members had to give me their buy in and after their own research they decided I had indeed found the best one to go with (duh).

Nebula Genomics was co-founded by Harvard University professor and genomics pioneer Dr. George Church to empower people to unlock their genomes and learn about themselves. Their offices are located in the good old USA.  (In San Francisco and Boston.).

There is so much information to tap into, Alzheimers, cancer, arthritis, anorexia, atrial fibrillation, mobility disorders, Crohn’s Disease and so many more are tied to genes.  Many of these ailments we can prevent or delay with proper information.  Early intervention can often be lifesaving and we are here for that!

The test arrived super fast, and testing was very easy.  Remember how you swab your nose for covid, well dial it was back and swab the inside of your cheek.  It’s that easy.  My older children even did their own swabs.  Then send it off to the talented Nebula team and await your results.  The waiting is the hardest part!

My motivating factor was health information, but the genetic information they offer is fascinating.  Finding new relatives was mind blowing.

They also help you determine the best exercise and supplements based on your unique DNA.  Pretty cool right? Nebula Genomics enables you to learn how your DNA can influence several aspects of your mental wellness including your behavior, mood, stress, sleep, and more.  (Sorry I was snappy this morning, it’s not me, its my DNA, ha)

If you are considering it, got for it.  Knowing more about you and your health is so empowering.  It would be a wonderful gift as well.


I received a Nebula Basic Test Kit with Lifetime Subscription in exchange for my honest review.

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