First Period - Palm Beach Moms

Babies don’t keep.  Isn’t that the truth.  Feels like they are just born and all of a sudden you’re googling stuff about parenting a teen.

I read somewhere that the teen years are especially tough in cultures that don’t have a defining moment where you transition from your parents control to your own, the grey area is what causes a lot of strife.  I thought it was hormones…  perhaps it is somewhere in the middle.

One thing you can do to be prepared for young ladies in your care, is to create a first period box.

Here is what is in ours:

We love the company Saalt.  Started by a mom of 5, this sustainable, eco aware, socially conscious company creates products that you can trust.  Their teen cup, period panties and wash are all in there.  We added the book The Care and Keeping of You, a note from mom, chocholate, organic thin pantyliners, and a printout of this swimsuit, )which a friend raves about) offering to let her pick out a style that catches her eye.


So, the box will be ready, even if your heart isn’t.  Hang in there momma, you got this!