Emberli Pridham - mom and author shares her favorites around Palm Beach - Palm Beach Moms

We recently sat down with Emberli Pridham, Mom and author of A Real Life Fairy Tale, Princess Diana.  She shared her local favorites.

You enjoy spending time in Palm Beach with your family each winter season and you must have an amazing list of go-to’s for everyone.

What are your favorite kids activities when you’re in town? We love to spend time at the Breakers and go to the beach with the kids! The Beach is gorgeous!
They love the fun pools they have too! So kid friendly!

Favorite restaurants and kid friendly restaurants?
We love to go to the Seafood Bar! It looks like your in an actual aquarium and has views of the beautiful water everywhere you look!

Do you have special things that you like to pick up for the kids when you’re in town? Any favorite shops?
We love the Shops at The Royal Ponciana! We always make a stop at Love Shack Fancy and Stoney Clover for my 7year old daughter Brooke!
We also love Hadleighs which just opened right by Henrys Palm beach and Worth ave which has every shop you could dream of!

Any favorite beaches that you like to take the children?
The Breakers beach!

You have co-authored several other books in addition to your current release , A Real Life Fairy Tale, Princess Diana. Are your kids a big source of inspiration when determining your next theme or subject matter?

My kids are my Inspiration! I always think of subjects that are encouraging and inspiring! Love our kids to dream big and to always keeps learning!

Where can we purchase the book?