Easter Basket Goodies for 2022 - Palm Beach Moms

Can you have Easter without a chocholate bunny?  I have never done it!  Ears first!  We think these from Sugar Plum are the bees knees!

To deck out your little peeps, we think Feltman Brothers is the gold standard.  For over a century they have been crafting timeless hand me down quality designs for wee ones.


Isabelle Grace makes jewlery fun! Our little chicks loved seeing their initials on a bracelet of their own.  Thoughtful, personalized and crafted with care they have something for everyone.

This new gum gives Jelly Belly enthusiasts the Jelly Belly flavors they LOVE in a long-lasting gum format. It comes in Watermelon, Berry Blue, Island Punch and Very Cherry and is available nationwide at Party City, Dollar General and Amazon. It’s the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

We love to celebrate with Spring goodies.  Sunglasses from Florida brand Biscayners, a new swimsuit and of course a great float!  How cute is this unicorn one from Pool Candy.

Can’t have a unicorn pool float without sunblock, and now that my kids know about (reef safe) Sunshine & Glitter’s sunblock, nothing else will do.