Meet the Mom - Dr. Tarah Freyman - Palm Beach Moms

Name: Tarah Freyman, D.O.

Where did you grow up:  The suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Town you live in now:  Near downtown West Palm Beach, FL 

Why you love living there:
I love that we live in a city with a small-town feel.  My husband and I moved here for work in 2013, have made so many close friends, and now call this place home.  It’s not uncommon for us to run into someone we know at a local hardware store or out at the weekend Green Market.  There’s always something fun going on and boundless opportunities to go outside and enjoy all the perks of South Florida living.

Tell me about your kids:
Our little one is Grover, named after my late mother-in-law’s father.  He’s 1 year old, and pretty easy-going so far.  He has the best dimples when he smiles!  Our wonderful daughter, Matilda, is almost 4 years old.  She’s precocious, a bit of a perfectionist, and sometimes can be a little bossy.  Or a lot bossy!  (I have no idea where that comes from!)

Favorite things to do with the kids locally:
We are members at the Palm Beach Zoo and South Florida Science Center, so we love taking the kids there and meeting up with other families.  We also enjoy the various splash pads around town and the Clematis Fountains.  Sometimes we pair that activity with live music downtown and a quick bite to eat before heading home.

What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it?
I left the world of corporate medicine as an employed physician to pursue a dream of starting my own practice.  Like so many others, I had become disillusioned and dissatisfied by our current healthcare system, the bureaucracy of managed care, the insurance hassles and denials.  I no longer wanted to be part of something so broken, so I created Beyond Family Medicine, an Integrative Approach to Overall Health and Wellness.  I hope to bring a renewed sense of faith and respect to a profession that is so much more to me than just going to work each day.

What is your best parenting advise.  Lay it on us.
For me, it’s parenting with love and affection.  Lots of cuddles and kisses and “I love yous” help our children feel happy and secure.  When necessary, we try to discipline our children as a team, by not undermining the other parent.  We are not perfect at this, but realize it takes patience and practice.  “Time-outs” help, for kids and adults alike.

What do you do for self care?
This is so important, and I encourage all moms to make self-care a priority.  For me, it’s having quiet kid-free time to read a current health-related journal with a cup of herbal tea, or being able to “Marie Kondo” my entire house.  I’m a third generation neat-freak, and actually find it therapeutic to clean and organize.  For special occasions, I love taking a “spa-day” with my husband, or my mom and sisters to relax and recharge.

Anything else you want to share?
I have not traditionally been much of a risk-taker, but have been so inspired by other amazing, successful, entrepreneurial moms out there.  I love seeing more and more women supporting each other and showing our collective daughters what’s possible.