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3 Ways to Create More Ease in your Life.

By Leah Carver

As Momma’s we are always running around from thing to thing. From the time we open our eyes we are often reacting to the events we have on our schedule and for the most part these events are determined by the other people in our lives. For example – get up and get the kids ready, lunches packed and off to school. We are the after thought. We get a quick shower and throw on clothes, and do our makeup in transit most of the time. Lets face it, everyone else in our lives takes priority and to some degree we wear this as a badge of honor, a sign that we are really great moms.

The problem is that remaining in this state of reaction can wear us down. There is so much to do so in order to keep up we do the easiest thing – we stop taking care of ourselves. Sure on the surface we may still look put together but underneath we are not getting enough sleep, we are forgetting the things we love to do and we are eating whatever it is that our kids don’t want. Had any grilled cheese crusts lately?

So what do we do? Here are 3 simple ways to create more ease in your life.

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep. I know sometimes we just want that down time. The kids have gone to bed, the dishes are done and we want to check out. We want to watch some TV or anything but commit to a bed time that will give you the full 8 hours. You may think you don’t need it but your body uses that time to detox, assimilate your life, and heal or repair. Get the sleep you need and you will wake up with a full tank instead of having to function on less.
  2. Set your alarm to wake up before you need to. If we wait until we need to wake up we are automatically getting out of bed in reactions state. We rush around, and when the simplest thing goes wrong it can feel even more stressful because we don’t have the time to deal with it. i.e. a spilled glass of juice or misplaced car keys that are actually in your pocket.
  3. Breath – when is the last time you took a moment closed your eyes and just listened to your breath? The breath is a direct link to our Nervous system. When we are stressed our breath gets shallow and rapid. By taking a moment to breath deeply and slow down our breath we are telling our nervous system it is ok to relax. The nervous system does not believe the mind when is says; “its’s ok, no need to stress” but it does believe our breath. Deep slow breaths let the body know everything is safe.