Cotillion Class Series 2022-2023 at the North Palm Beach Country Club - Palm Beach Moms

October 4th – North Palm Beach Country Club
November 15th – North Palm Beach Country Club
January 10th – North Palm Beach Country Club
February 7th – PGA National
April 11th Dinner Dance all 5-630

Kindergarten / 1st grade 4:40 to 5:30
2nd to 4th grade 5:30 to 6:25
5th to 9th grade 6:30 to 7:25
*final class April 11th all are 5-630pm
$425 per child

During cotillion, the parents have two options.  You will be able to sit quietly and watch the class or enjoy yourself.

The attire is as follows:
Girls: party dresses, dressy shoes.  Skirts may be no shorter than mid-thigh.
Boys: trousers and a colored shirt, coat and tie are welcome but not required, dress shoes.
The attire is the same for all cotillions except the country hoe down. They can wear country western attire.

Class format. We start with an etiquette lesson followed by a dance lesson.

We begin by lining the children up.  The children will process into the room. They will make introductions with the instructors. This involves shaking hands, looking the instructor in the eye, and saying “Hello, my name is so and so” Once they have made introductions, they will go take a seat.

Once the etiquette concludes, we will teach a dance.  The boys and girls line up, go over the basic moves, and then practice to music.

After this, the children take their seats, and the boys will go to the bar to get the girls either lemonade or water. The boys will ask their partners what they would like to drink, and we will serve a cookie to each child.

We conclude with a fun dance.

Finally, we have a special reward in each section. The instructors will award a girl and a boy for dance and one child for etiquette. The children always look forward to seeing who earns the prize, and they also learn that while we wish everyone could win, we only have a few, but everyone has a chance the next time!  Each child will receive a small goodie bag at the final event.

The children will then process out of the room(again shaking hands and with eye contact saying “Thank you for having me” or similar), and the next group will begin.

No refunds.